Christmas feeling - Red roses, Bowing, Sharing and flow of love

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at 11/16/2006, 11:24:25

Dear all,
I would like to share my christmas feelings in the past few weeks which is very unique in my life.

Both me and Srilakshmi said YES for LOVE, GOD and decided to go on the path of love to

GOD in this life and beyond.

I got clear YES from her when I put the question "will you be my angel of love on my path of love to GOD". This happened through eMail and definitely is not the full proof of real LOVE. So, one day suddenly we decided to meet and prove our love. I went with two red roses and proposed my love to her eye-to-eye, face-to-face, heart-to-heart. Those moments were really thrilling and felt magic love unaware of the time resulting in tears of joy in the eyes. Next time when we met apart from proving physical love, we went to share and distribute fruits among the poorest of the poor on the street of a village near a temple. I know how it feels to share but never had the joint experience of sharing with the loved one next to you. Suddenly, the flow of love increased between us beyond words.

Every time we met, we felt the flow of love increasing beyond description. I feel, proving love at any place, anywhere is very important. So, when I told this to srilakshmi, she suggested to go
to near by mountain. We made love to each other and the most important true love test. Needless to say, how we fared. Being loved is a really good feeling. After some days, we again met each other at my home. This time, I presented her a bouquet of red roses and bowed to her.
First, I bowed to her feet and felt my ego dropping down. As an immediate reaction, she bowed to me then came a big and warm hug.

After spending many intimate hours at our home, we decided to go out for lunch. Near my home, we have a orphanage centre. As we were walking down the street, we decided to bring fruits,chocolates (suggestion from her) to nearly 90 and odd angel childrens. As we were looking into the eyes of so many angel childrens and touching them, we felt as if we were taken to a totally different world. Those moments are really ecstatic.

My individual experience is: Red roses, Bowing to the feet of poor ones and to the one who said yes, and sharing,hugging with the angels around our neighbourhood would heal our hearts and dramatically increases the flow of love. You can also try and experience this unique experience of love.

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