Kriya yoga and sex

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Kriya yoga and sex

The healing power of kriya yoga and
the joy of love life

I stopped my kriya yoga practice when my daughter got very sick because I lost my peace of mind.

so I blocked myself from the healing power of God and accumulated many painful experiences
inside and doing nothing to dissolve

for months and months I was living full of pain and afraid to feel it- numb and blocked
not able even to cry.
my husband reminded me about kriya yoga almost every day but I didn't listen

sex lost its beautiful magic and excitement- no joy for my physical body

in this condition I arrived on september with my husband for our current visit to Hans

i restarted my kriya yoga practice and enjoying the water and the sun here on this beautiful
island of Boracay and all the divine healing LOVE and CARE from Hans
things started to move- I could not hold anymore- so tired

then I caught a cold and fever and painful burning irritation in my bladder with the need to
go every minute and spent hours in the bathroom to finally get so tired and fell asleep and
relaxed and when awake feeling much better

i started to feel my chakras slowly and painfully turning like rusty wheels of an old and
carelessly used machine
i felt so bad next to my husband unable to love him and to enjoy his love

i was doing God yoga and kriya yoga for hours and praying for help, praying for forgiveness
from God and all
and with the positive affirmation: " I am strong, healthy and loving"

last night I was doing kriya yoga although all the painful movement inside my body

after 3 hours of sleep I woke up- all pain gone- me HOT physically and emotionally
my husband with erection and me soft and active to fully enjoy
every movement came from inside, spontaneous again and again and again

i was so thirsty all my inside was sucking love in continuous orgasm

it was the best sex I have ever had!

and you get the story right away still hot!!!

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