Mute love test - one day of silence with love beyond words

Posted by: God Love
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at 09/26/2005, 19:31:13

Mute love test - one day of silence with love beyond words

Hans suggested us to take the challenge of a mute love test

and my husband and me agreed to do it
doing the same activities as usual but mute

we had one day 24h with no talking
went out fruit shopping, shared a delicious halo-halo,
had fried bananas then back to the cottage,
went swimming together, had dinner together with Hans

then later had an exciting night - love beyond words,
my heart open more to enjoy

this mute test gave me the peace of mind to realize

how tired I was from unimportant arguments and
from the strike of my own ego that still resists so hard
and prevent me from being happy and enjoy life and love

i realized what makes me really FEEL GOOD-
being next to my loving husband no matter what we do,
feeling the touch of his body, his familiar sweet smell,
looking at his sparkling smart eyes

and being both together into the mighty healing uplifting
LOVE of our beloved Hans
all this makes me feel at home, safe, happy, loved and loving

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