Young people - afraid to love - but could start NOW

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Dear Hans

Do you have any advice about relationships involving a person who is very young - 'shy' - too shy to say "I love you" - maybe shy because of culture or religion - someone just starting with love?

This is the girl I met within a month or two of finally learning to love (Catastrophe! But I came back, and my ego crumbled into dust!...mostly...). I knew she was the wrong one according to the love tests. But I also knew she was the right one because our souls fit together. So I went ahead, knowing both of those things. Past lives are past and maybe not very important now, but I remembered that we had been together before at least once - probably many times. The memory I had was in a lovely place, in Cambodia. You know, Siem Reap, and round there. I was a Buddhist - though I don't think I was a very good one! I think I may have had other ideas than monastic ones...:) Well, we were inseparable. And I can feel it now, just the same. We were both monks, though she was younger. I guess she might not have been a girl that time. Not sure. Anyway, even though I had a companion like that, I basically learned how to be alone that lifetime. Thanks to being 'monastic'! And here I am, learning to be together again. And we are back together again, and I would like us to be the closest we can.

Thanks for listening to my silly ideas! I never talked about this kind of thing before, but I thought it would be better to be open rather than just ask the question and hide everything else. Hope you have some advice.
Love, Philip

If people reading this think it sounds exciting to hear about other lives, it isn't. How do you think it feels to have a life and know you have to go back to this awful ;) place and do it all over again? Just because you failed to crack that nut that time? Still, I guess it's not so awful really. A lot of people who are not alive any more would probably give anything just to be able to stand in our shoes. To be able to feel - even to feel pain! And here we are, able to do all that. Please, let's try to live well and make MAXIMUM love where there was only a little, or even none!

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God Love Girls and men of any age always are the sum of all their previous incarnations - hence every person is what he / she is NOW this very day hans 0 Tue, Sep 13, 2005, 13:26:58
God Love Everyone has the possibility to change - though nearly no-one ever does philip 1 Wed, Sep 14, 2005, 04:26:45
God Love Almost everyone on earth KNOWS what he / she needed to change within to improve ... but few only really complete the known and needed changeslink hans 0 Wed, Sep 14, 2005, 14:46

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