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hello everybody!! I would like your help in this... as fast as you can.. see, I have this h.w of reafing and writting and I need at least 5 persons answering this questios about love for me, please its for tomorrow and im in a hury:
1° its there real love?
2°some peole say that love begins with a smile and ends in tears ... its there any love that doesnt ends like that ?
3°real love always last forever?
4°every person finds true love?
5° how do u know if you choose the rigth person?
6°what about if you find somebody thet you really think its your soulmate .. bu it isnt? ( I mean this becausesome people explains that in one part of the world everybody hace a soulmate)
7°how love really feels like
8°its tru that everybody has a sowlmate somewhere in the world? ... so why there is people who dies without finding love?
9°why it is so difficult finding love?
10°why do u always have to suffer before finding it?
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God Love True love and soul mate for all and each one - if we do our own homework firstlink hans 0 Wed, Sep 15, 2004, 03:48

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