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Dear divine brothers and sisters,

I had described my problems and situations of my life to my guru Hans almost a year back. I was then living with my newly married brother and sister-in-law and I asked for his guidance what needs to be done when loveless situation arises as a result of singles sharing the home with married couples. (That is usually the case here in India especially in big cities due to financial constrainsts). He then guided me with his wisdom filled answers. Now, i'm living separately letting a space and time for my brother and his wife to grow and enhance their relationship.

I just thought of sharing with you all my letter and his reply in this forum.

May be helpful to some one out there...

Here goes my letter to Hans.


On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 20:53

Dear Gurudeva,

Please accept my humble pranamas at your lotus feet. I want to tell you ALL that has happened in these 3 months of my life.
A lot of changes has happened in my life ever since I received your mail on my past experiences. Initially I couldn't perceive the truth contained in each and every word of yours. Slowly, everything started to become clearer to my mind. I felt, my past burdens are getting reduced gradually. more I read the sentences scripted by you, more
lighter I felt. I started feeling happy without any reason. I started doing kriya yoga after reading all most all the pages of While doing GOD yoga, now I feel a dim spreading (vibrating) light at my kutashta. It becomes more prominent after 3-4 minutes of GOD yoga. And also whenever I close my eyes after some few minutes I do get the same light. Dear gurudev, is it the light form of OM or the vibration of OM. Whenever I do God yoga, I feel a complete peace of mind and as a result I feel a lot of joy.
There is a great change in my outer life also. I have joined Karate and swimming classes. I have got very good and high paying job. The salary that I got from the new job is much much more than what I had asked and
expected.i've started relaxing more in the shades of trees than ever before to calm down my emotions. Now, I feel confident of meeting and exceeding the expectations of my new employer thereby learning to give LOVE more than expected to ALL including my employer,family and of course society.
As per your instructions, I have shared money, food and clothes to the poorest of the poor on the street of india and bowed to the feet. As a humble contribution ihave sent $100 through Gopo's pay pal account. Please accept it dear gurudev. I think it would have reached
by now. I have applied for the credit card to open the paypal account.

Now, I am living with my elder brother who is newly married and with my younger sister. I am now faced with a new problem in our family. For first few days, my sister-law-in had no problems. All of us go out for work except my sister-in-law. We all usually
go very early in the morning and come back only in the late evening. She has started feeling lonely and whenever my brother comes back to home as usual he speaks to all including
my sister. This has created a jealouly in my sister-in-law according to my brother. I have seen many times sister-in-law and sister having arguments over petty matters like
washing,cooking etc.,resulting in a loveless environment. This doesn't happen very frequenlty but happens. I have tried to resolve the problem but without any success. I have tried to go out
along with my sister to a different home. But my brother told me that he himself will go out with his wife. The message went to my parents and also to my sister-in-laws parents.
My mother started crying over phone why the family is getting divided. I tried my best to convince my mother that nothing bad had really happened and told her that it is always
good to leave the couple alone. My brother is not earning very well. but earning just enough to lead a very very simple life. This might have made him to decide against going out
himself. Now, what I need to do in these kind of situations. I know that every problem needs to be solved in LOVE nothing but LOVE. What would be beneficial to ALL of us ? Is
it going separate and living with my younger sister(who is still not married) good ? or living with my brother and sister-in-law ? Because, most of the times we all will be
HAPPY and with PEACE with each other except in few instances..

i am faced with one more situation in my life. I have been attracted by a
girl in my office. she looked very attractive and beautiful to my heart(indeed she is
beautiful). I have started saying "I love you" to her in my mind. but I don't have the courage to see eye-to-
eye and heart-to-heart as I have already failed in couple of times. How do I get a courage to say I love you ? My dearmost gurudev, is she good to me ? is she going
to accept me ? because she is taller than me. Is she going to be a better partner to me ? If not, when will I get my partner...some time I feel the whole life going waste without a
true and loving partner who can pair up with me in the journey to GOD's home. Please guide and grace me with your LOVE and answer.

With infinite LOVE,


Hans Reply


Monday, May 31, 2004 1:36:32 PM

beloved one

first of all

the more you practiced God Yoga and kriya yoga
the more bliss and love and joy YOU will feel and experience INSIDE and
outside in all your life !! just keep on practicing love in al
situations presented by God to YOU.

next - your housing situation:

as a general and absoute rule

ONE married couple should NEVER have OTHER single persons in the same
apartment or house !!

ADULT children - i.e. beyond 18 or so - should never stay with their
parents as they interfere with their parents happiness, NOR should they
stay with OTHER married persons in same apartment or house.

married people NEED their OWN - smallest OR larger living space with ALL
rooms separated / isolated from any outside source or person.

ONE couple is ONE divine unite - needing LOTS of love to find true and
absolute healing !! also ..
needing PEACE and some isolation and privacy to further develop their
own love life and spirituality. !!

singles can share a housing with OTHER singles for a while
but anyone having a partner always should have his own housing SEPARATE
from any other party - except own physical children up to the age of
approximately 16-80 ...

after that age all children as well need their own family and living
space to FIRST grow strong and spriritual.

ANY other person present within the same housing of a couple interferes
with the love life and family life of THAT couple and may become a
substantial part of marital problems leading even to divorce.

loved ones NEED privacy and protection after their work.

socializing can take place
but outside their own bedroom and own house to protect their love and

marriages among mortals ARE FRAGILE !!
and need protection

a first and easiest protection is to allow DISTANCE and isolation for

re your partner ( girl )

you should say "I love you" when you really feel that way
and that means then LOVE really is FLOWING between YOU and HER.

then however you should SAY it and PROOF it
again and again

and proof MUST be on a level of love rather than any material level

love as described in so many chapters, newsletters and microletters in
my texts

love and bliss



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