How to avoid a broken heart - true love prevents a broken heart - Love never can be too deep - most people have too shallow love, possessive love resulting in broken heart

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How to avoid a broken heart - true love prevents a broken heart - Love never can be too deep - most people have too shallow love - possessive or selfish love resulting in broken heart

in response to Richard's above broken heart-post - here my response. unfortunately Richard made it a private message only thread - however the topic is far too important to be stingy with the reply - thousands suffer similar situations and may want to learn how to avoid broken heart - hence my reply is public to all:

possessive love no longer is true love
as long as you want someone or long for someone you want to own / possess the one and hence you will lose that one guaranteed. true love however gives all freedom - true love will create a link of love between the 2 right ones - the tow God has made for each other

true love for a person means fully accepting the persons decisions - to stay, to leave or to do whatever that person wants

true love means to truly wish all the best - if the best in the eyes of another person means to go then you should be HAPPY for her going as HER happiness is all you should have in mind and nothing else

true to support that persons free will by letting her go without any pain - pain in the heart - a broken heart only can occur in a love filled with selfish love

true love can only come from a loving heart open for God and ready to learn beyond the lessons of a few decades relative life on earth. the true lover knows that we all are but here on earth to learn to truly love and to find our way home - hence as a true lover we either offer a partner the spiritual lessons and environment needed to find God or we have sufficient true love to let a partner go into an environment suitable to offer all missing lessons.

a relationship can only stay together if the 2 ARE soul mates - soulmate are made for eternity by God - there is but ONE soulmate for eternity hence no one can want ANY person to BE his soul mate.

no one can have / possess a partner as soulmate if that partner refuses to love - accept and give love - or if that partner belongs to another soul.

many people meeting others are but temporary partners for a brief while guiding a person from one point in life to next logical / spiritual step in life ... and then it's time to let go and love that person while letting that partner go into her/his happiness.

if the best is just good enough for your partner - then you have to accept her decision - if anything else is what you want - then it never can be true love.

true happiness with a partner -รถ even with the ONE soulmate God gave you - only can exist if that person stays out of his / her OWN free will and free choice WITH you to love you. any enforced relationship is nothing else but a kind of slavery - hence has nothing at all to do with true love and thus never can create true happiness in any of the 2 persons involved.

a father needs to learn to let go ALL his children if ever he wants all his children to grow up and to be strong

a mother needs as well to learn to let go all her children

true love is based and rooted in God
knowing God,
having faith in God
trusting God's omnipotent power of love will lead to the feeling and knowledge that by the end of all lessons of life here and now on earth all will be fine and we all may reunite in God to be a free and strong family of lovers ...

all arriving one by one after successfully completing all spiritual lessons of love here on earth - hence all arriving at the right time in God to really fall in love and to create an ocean of love huge enough for you to fall in love.

deep or too deep or too shallow love ...
such thoughts only can occur as long as love is very limited
in infinite love there is but love between two lovers

learn to let go - her as well as any other person
learn to select future partners more strictly
learn to apply the love tests from the very first moments
if any sign of serious problems occur during the first minutes or hours or days of a relationship - then separation and emotional disaster such as "broken heart" is just a matter of time to occur.

people need decades and often incarnations to mature and be ready for true love

however all true loving ones can prove instant and fully their maturity in love ... by letting go and allowing God to guide I love

focus on your own spiritual development and your strength - inside and outside
one day you find the matching partner for this lifetime or for eternity

it all depends on how much you progress spiritually yourself

the more you truly love - the less pain you ever feel
only ego feels pain - the truly loving never feels pain !!!

careful study and most loving application of all "secrets of love" will help you to prevent a future broken heart.

love and bliss


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