Broken Heart

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richardloves1 registered
at 04/22/2005, 08:48:12

My story as such is what many go through every day of there lives.
Two years ago I had fallen into love with a wonderful lady. This lady had never spent time alone and as she tells me, has gone from one relationship to another. She now feels that she must leave me and go out on her journey to find herself. I love her enough to wish her well in spite of my deep pain and saddness over the ending of this relationship. I truly would love to be her soulmate as well as a very close friend. When I am around her I become flooded with past dreams and my heart becomes so very heavy.
What can I do ? Does this have anything to do with Karma ? I don't understand at all. I have often been told by many that I love to deeply ?
Can one love to deeply ? Why do I always become involved with someone who can not love me at the level that I love them ? Any kind words of wisdom , or your own past that has gone through this and found any insight into this would be of the most help.
Thank you my Brothers and Sisters.

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