Death and agony - dissolving fear of death with love

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at 02/23/2005, 13:08:37

Death and agony - dissolving fear of death with love

As I continuing with Kriya Yoga I face new spiritual challenges and tasks every day. The latest one is agony. As I was practicing Kriya I suddenly became very panic on a physical level. I wanted to move quickly as if there was something to shake off. As I tried to relax and open up for GOD pictures of death came into my mind. I had to go through 3 'deaths' of different kinds in different situations in which I always had the chance to either be killed or kill myself. I was really afraid of comitting suicide but on the other hand I knew that I would have been killed anyway. So finally I decided to do it. In one experience I had to jump off a cliff being chased by people who wanted to kill me. The second experience faced me with a situation where I was in a boat on a stormy sea and I had to either jump off and drown or get killed by someone who was with me in this boat. At last I experienced a situation where I was burnt at he stake. Throughout all these experiences I didn't have any pain at all. The only difficult task I had to manage was my agony. After I made the decision once it wasn't a big issue to do it again in the other situations. There was nothing cruel to it. In fact everything became better after I died. There was absolute silence, peace and a deep feeling of being loved. Whenever you're in such situations just face even the worst things. There is nothing that can happen to you because you cannot die. The sentence 'GOD IS LOVE' brings you out of the deepest area to the hieghest and brightest place. It always carries you to the light no matter how hard everything might seem. with love Sascha

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