Being in the body - how spiritual development effects physical consciousness

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Being in the body - how spiritual development effects physical consciousness

During my whole life I've experienced many situations in which I
didn't really feel very present on a physical level. It felt
like I was in my body but I never really felt comfortable with it and with what I was doing. Now due to Kriya Yoga this whole complex of problems has been wiped out almost completely. When Hans told me that my astralbody never really came down to a 100% into my physical body I suddenly realized that I found the possible reason for many problems in my life. As this is something many people may have experienced describing my process might be helpful. Looking back I can now see several symptoms that are connected with this problem:

- having problems with sports in which immediate reaction on a physical
level is demanded

- daydreaming

- staying physically weak in relation to the efforts made

- having problems to really develop a deep relationship with other
people who might be a 100% present in their body

- having problems to get in a real relationship with a partner because
he/she feels that one is not there and therefore there can never
be a real physical proof of love although one might really do what
he thinks he can do

Such a relationship always ends in one partner accusing the other for
obviously not being interested in him even though the accused partner
feels as if he did all he could and doesn't sense what might be wrong

These are only some examples but I'm sure there are a lot more
to come. The most important fact is that all can be dissolved
in love if one is really sincere in both approach and practice. I haven't gone through everything yet but Kriya has brought a major relief so far and I can only encourage others to fully trust in God and love and to continue their way until all problems are dissolved in love

with love


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