Marriage healing - how to heal a marriage - if both partner want to heal a marriage - then marriage healing is possible and easy - learn how to heal your marriage step by step

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Marriage healing - how to heal a marriage - if both partner want to heal a marriage - then marriage healing is possible and easy - learn how to heal your marriage step by step

Every marriage can be healed if healing of a broken marriage or endangered marriage is the true and sincere desire of BOTH partners and both are willing to invest all their efforts, love as well money into the healing of their present relationship

Step one of marriage healing

ask yourself:

  1. do I really want to forgive ALL
  2. do I really want to accept full responsibility for all mistakes I made
  3. do I really want to maintain at any price or cost THIS relationship
  4. am I really willing to MAKE THIS partner happy
  5. do I really want to give all love, happiness necessary to create maximum joy of life to THIS partner

if every single answer is a spontaneous and clear YES from the bottom of your heart - THEN only proceed to step 2 below.

Step two of marriage healing

Forward these above questions to your partner and let your partner answer them as well. Note that the first and single most important is YOUR answer first - to ask your partner only makes sense if YOU can say YES to all above.

if your partner also says spontaneously YES to each and every question - then your relationship or marriage is easy to heal and should be healed.

if YOU answer any or several of the above questions with NO or *may be* or *later*
then DIVORCE - because that NO or anything else of a CLEAR spontaneous and FULL YES proves that YOU have NO true love at all and hence any day longer with your present partner is but a lie into the heart of a child of God.

Be honest and true in your answers. What do you really want ?? do you really want to make YOUR present partner fully happy, then you need to be ready to PROVE your love day after day as of TODAY.

Step three of marriage healing

Keep in mind that every marriage can be healed all on your own without any outside help if BOTH have true love still blossoming in their hearts and if BOTH can instantly forgive in FULL and accept full responsibility for THEIR own share of marriage drifting apart. NO single marriage EVER drifts apart on the basis of one making mistakes only.

provided that from the very beginning BOTH made a full decision based on true love only - it requires mistakes on both sides for a marriage to break or drift apart. if however one of the two partners made a decision OTHER than true love - such as pity, revenge, career, money or other NON-love factors for starting YOUR present relationship - then the situation is far more complex and either requires more intense work, outside help or a full re-orientation in life with a new partner - hence a divorce first to be love for a reorientation and new true love relationship.

when both say YES to each other and thus to all above questions independently from each other and from the bottom of their heart and soul - then you have the choice of either

doing all reconciliation and marriage healing on your own together with each other


seek spiritual guidance and professional help from a professional

make your choice and invest all time, efforts, resources and love needed until you succeed. Love is the key to a true and full marriage healing !!!

For self healing of your marriage you find ALL you need in the hundreds of chapters of teachings of love, spiritual microletters and love tests and spiritual newsletters with many valuable love lessons and love how to's as well as in the categories "secrets of love" and "love" of my Blog as well as in the forums of the Cyberspace Ashram. Take your time to read all and take the advice and practical lessons serious - follow the advice accurately and with all love you can possibly have and you shall succeed and enjoy true love between both of you again.

Step four of marriage healing - invest in professional help

marriage healing may be far easier with outside help. it may require however expenses and travel as well as a few weeks of time just for the purpose of healing your existing relationship or marriage.

think of how many hundreds, thousands of more $ you spend for health care, think of how many thousands of ten thousands of $ you spend for hobbies, recreation, vocational training, professional education, school education in your life and the huge investment / expenses you are ready to make for household, household appliances, cars, TV, Video, car, ...

if your marriage is anything less worth that all that - then you may simply have been far too stingy to maintain a happy relationship and may have to lose what is most valuable before feeling and knowing the true value of true love in your life.

if you are ready to invest time, efforts, travel and all related expenses to do ALL that is possible ... then you easily find solutions, professional help, advice at a suitable place to spend a few weeks honeymoon together with repeated professional / spiritual help to bring you two together in love again and to fully refresh your marriage and deepen it more than ever before !!!

healing needs time - time costs money - a few weeks honeymoon - time just for you 2 day and night is the very least your relationship should be worth to both of you. hence a few weeks or months of intense working / saving to afford such honeymoon, the sale of an obsolete car, reduction of other recreational expenses or hobbies for the benefit of such a honeymoon may easily b e possible if you have but ONE priority in your life - your love for each other.

if career or any other factors and activities in life are too important for you to reduce them - then your relationship is built on wrong basics and with wrong values of life and scheduled to fail. If however love is all that matters most to both of you - then you will easily succeed in healing your marriage and enjoying true love and happiness together again soonest.

Benefits of professional advice in marriage healing

advantages to have a *third party* heal your marriage as opposed to self help

the benefits of any knowledgeable and experienced outside person helping to heal your marriage are easy, simple and obvious:

without mistakes - no marriage breaks apart. for a neutral outside person it is easier to neutrally but precisely point out mistakes of any and both of you without accusing any and without being pro or against anyone of you two.

a neutral perspective from an outside source can be accepted by both ...
however if only the two person are present all on their own there is a strong tendency to search one to blame by both - at least partially for any mistake made. for example: if a wife blames her husband for having forgotten to make her oral sex - then the husband may feel offended and turns even more away - if an outside person REMINDS a husband of his sexual responsibilities and *duties* to PROVE love in all possible ways, then he may feel offended toward the outside - 3rd person - but never toward his wife, since it is the 3rd person.

a third person always has a neutral point of view of BOTH partners and all their omissions, weaknesses, spiritual problems and strengths - such neutral loving advice can easily be accepted by both lovers and converted by both lovers in their love life. true professional advice in marriage counseling and marriage healing always needs to include sexual counseling and spiritual counseling. A marriage breaks apart or drifts apart on the reasons of insufficient sexual love and suppressed or ignored sexual needs and ignored sexual hunger for physical love by one or both of any couple with a broken or damaged marriage.

a full therapy and resuscitation or awakening / re-awakening of a healthy, active and loving sex life between both partners at ANY age is necessary along with a thorough indepth spiritual counseling from a neutral absolute point of view toward both partners - husband and wife.

questions and problems can and should be cleared in love - together with a third party - either in a forum such as THIS forum or any suitable forum of your choice - or even better face to face during a honeymoon combined with a marriage therapy / relationship therapy in a quiet but romantic place suitable to refresh your love and allow you to life all suppressed love life in a sunny, loving and peaceful environment away from home to strengthen the ties of love between both of you.

if you wish to spend a honeymoon at places I love - then be welcome and spend as much loving time as needed to fall in love again. the single most beautiful falling in love is when a husband falls in love with his very own wife and when a wife falls in love again with her very own husband - for ever and ever in love with each other.

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