Sexual frustration as a result of missing true LOVE is the result of partners quarreling over nothing at all

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Sexual frustration as a result of missing true LOVE is the result of partners quarreling over nothing at all

To support a family is a privilege for each man

To be the sole provider for a family is definitely normal - to be mother itself is a full-time job. To be wife also means to care for neighbors and needy ones - to spend husband's money wisely for household AND for others where needed. To be man never entitles for a special treatment at home. To walk around like a rooster - head up and spoiled or treated like a prince ... that's for others, for certain animals - but never for humans.

Hence be happy to have the privilege of a family - recognize the value of the family. You write yourself: "... little girl is the most amazing beautiful thing ..". That little girl has been created inside your wife - was fed by your wife's body - for you both. To be pregnant is a physiological burden for a woman. Of course to be pregnant in a truly happy relationship always is a pleasure for a woman. But to enjoy pregnancy and being mother later on, that mother of babies need love - abundance of daily love as they give love and breast milk to the baby each day, mothers need to replenish their love. A husband is the one to do so.

To have a baby often results in shift of focus away from partner toward the newborn. That is totally wrong. Mothers still are woman - thus mothers still need romantic love, sexy love, every day. Fathers too still are husbands hungry for sexy wife - each day.

If you love your baby - then you have to prove that love by loving the baby's mother. If you love your wife, then you have to prove it by loving the mother's baby. The same also applies to the wife and her love toward baby and husband!

Accidents such as your car accident happen. However such accidents can be healed and fully overcome. I had myself a few accidents, among others my spine broken ( 2 vertebrae ) and was 4,5 months in a full torso gypsum ( from hips to armpits ). While doctors predicted lifetime pain, etc - my mind was differently oriented and months later I was free of pain and stronger than ever before! Stronger means lifting more than 200 kg off the ground some 6-8 months after my car accident, etc.

Accidents occur as a result of mistakes made - accidents allow us to wake up and grow stronger

Accidents are here to make us stronger and aware of the value of health and a strong fully functioning body. Your past accident is in your life to develop humbleness and gratitude for being allowed to live, to have children and to have family rather than being a man expecting special treatment. Ego always is self-destructive. You either learn and change or may fail for life. The choice is yours.

Since you write to me - there is nothing I can do nor say about your wife. It is your duty to first make very substantial changes in your inner world and heart. As you become more loving toward your wife AND baby as one family, your wife may open more and be as sweet as needed for a happy life.

Absence of sexuality in relationship leads to emotional stress and quarreling

The worst in men and women is dancing hormones or suppressed hormones and no one to dance with !

Quarreling always is the result of sexual frustration. Sexual frustration result from insufficient or missing loving sex life. A husband has to prove true love for his female partner. True love includes full acceptance and full love for the female being. To do so you may have to understand the spiritual meaning of oral sex from man to woman. Such deepest acceptance and prove of love instantly dissolves any tension, frustration or sexual stress. Love needs to flow freely. Love needs to flow in both directions. It is the man to start in your case ! To have a wife is a gift from God. To have a wife is the single most valuable you can have. To be without wife means without children, without understanding and sharing partner. To have no wife means to have no one to work for, no one to give something, to be lonely and admire your own picture in the mirror each day all life long. Imaging how boring that would be ?!

Your fear of losing mother and baby clearly shows and proves that you are fully aware that you give far less love toward the partner than you potentially could give. IN divine relationships it is very simple mathematics. You either give all at once, each and every day, all life long. Or you lose all!

Mutual prayers of love help to heal a relationship

A help of utmost power often forgotten in nowadays finance oriented society is God. Prayers together, even going to church together - no matter what church - best an empty one just for you, your family and God - will help to join, to dissolve whatever is between you bothering your relationship. A full YES, a full commitment for each other until death you part is essential. A relationship never can prosper on a basis of limited love, restricted or accounted love. Love never can be measured or counted. ALL or nothing at all. The choice is yours. A man is the one to give in abundance. To his family as well as far beyond to society and needy ones across the planet.

Prove your love and you'll be happy as a family all life long

God bless


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