please help me understand my spouse!!!

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at 04/02/2008, 14:14:26

my girl and I have a new baby, I have never been more proud in my entire life, my little girl is the most amazing beautiful thing, but my spouse and I do not get along at all, we argue about nothing that matters, it seems that we don't respect each other at all, I am the sole provider in our little family, she stays home with the baby, about 2 weeks before my daughter was born I was hit by a drunk driver and have significant spine injuries which have a huge affect on the way I feel and my ability to work, but I fight through the pain and somehow I manage to get all of our bills payed and do my best to take care of us. When I get home we bicker about pointless things that don't matter, I feel like I dont get treated like the man of the house, the sole provider. my partner always seems to be the one who wants to wear the pants, she also is a chronic complainer, i'm not the only one who say this, her old co-workers have mentioned it to me and its just the plain old truth. She is one of those girls you hear for instance in the store getting loud with a cashier or on the phone with a customer service rep. and be-littling them with her tone and her way of speaking. she speaks to me the same way. I am no saint in the relationship either, I will not take any of her attitude, I will get loud right back with her, are we just not meant to be? should we just part ways and be apart? I do not want to be away from my daughter for a second and that is my biggest worry if we split up, i'm really scared of her taking her away from me, and nailing me with child support, and things just getting really ugly, it scares me to death, my parents were never there for me and I do not want my daughter to ever wonder if her daddy loves her. I want to be in her life every single day every step of he way forever. I cant wait to hear any replies, I would really like to try to work things out with her and make this work, I do love her very much, she is beautiful and a great mother to my daughter, she needs both of us in her little beautiful life

hopeful, and praying for a resolution,

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