Husband wife drifting apart - when one of both stop spiritual progress / practice, then all husband wife start to drift apart<

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Husband wife drifting apart - when one of both stop spiritual progress / practice, then all husband wife start to drift apart

One day you meet - fall in love and get pregnant / married. That was the day your karma brought you together when the path of karma for both was best or when the path of love for both was best.

If now one or both stop or slow down their spiritual practices, then that couple starts to experience more and more stress within the relationship until the relationship directly or indirectly breaks apart. Directly by divorce - indirectly by staying together physically - but being separated in heart, soul and even body.

A couple only can be happy ever after if BOTH make true and everlasting efforts toward becoming more and more loving and toward returning HOME to God where out all eternal home will be sooner for those making all possible efforts or later for those others stopping or reducing efforts.

A couple is like a car. Imagine left side front and back wheels are wife - right site front and back wheels is husband. As long as both progress - the car drives straight toward the mutual goal. If any one of the two slows down - the car instantly moves away from the straight line.

This moving away from the originally agreed goal in life will cause the OTHER to panic. If a husband promises to his wife to bring her home to God and he fails to accomplish his promise by getting too much lost/involved in career or money making or pleasure or alcohol / drugs - then the wife may leave husband and either find another honest partner or at least another man willing to make promises. Most man limit their love to making promises .... because few man only on this planet realize how serious their own spiritual situation in reality is.

Most women on the other side however are far too spoiled to really make efforts on their own spiritual path and sooner or later these women become lazy lovers as well, indulge in superficial pleasure and lose control of their love and life until the husband found another partner to join on his spiritual path.

If BOTH lack spiritual orientation - then BOTH drift apart and sooner or later end in separation or inner / outer divorce. Thus the reason for the growing numbers of formal divorces in countries that allow another chance and facilitate a clean and fast divorce - inner and outer.

On this planet nothing at all is granted except death and loss of control of life if NO efforts are done. Every husband always will part for another woman if that other woman is more spiritual ( = automatically more loving ). Just keep in mind that a spiritual woman is an infinitely better lover in bed as well than any spiritually negligent woman EVER could be. Spiritual development automatically leads to an increased and refined flow of love - making all loving more enjoyable. Once married - your partner never is granted for life or for next year - you have to earn your partner every single second for all eternity !! Earn by means of pure divine love.

The very same of course also applies and is fully valid the other way round for a spiritually lazy man being a poor lover in bed as well.

Tension such as in your marriage build up as a result of one OR both being negligent in your spiritual practice and efforts. Hence NOW is the best time to change, correct and readjust your mutual path. A path together as husband wife with a couple of babies or more is infinitely more fun than a path as a single. However a path as a single in peace with self and ALL world is near infinitely more efficient than the path of a nagging, fighting, stressing husband wife with logically unhappy children on top.

Either ALL loving, all efforts - or none at all and single again. The choice always is yours at any given time. The value of a loving family on your way home is infinite and only will be recognized after you lost your family.

Love and bliss


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