Overcoming my laziness

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at 12/04/2007, 16:07:22

Beloved Hansji,

I am deeply thankful to you for having accepted me as your disciple.

Please forgive me for not having done full justice to what I have recived. Till date I have not read the entire Book of Kriyayoga. I am just flowing with my daily routine and have also stopped practicing kriyayoga.There always seems to be no time. I know there is no excuse for laziness.

I pray to God to help me overcome this laziness and laid back attitude. I wish to conscientiously make an effort to further my spritual progress which will also help the spritual progress of my family.

There has been numerous instances when I have taken Sunil and our relationship for granted. I am grateful to him, for having always stood by me and supported and guided me.

I pray for the strength and understanding to following the basic teachings of Love in life.

Love Rufina.

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