Kriya practice and wine is same as husband and vibrator

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Kriya practice and wine is the same as husband and vibrator

Sooner or later it disturbs the relationship., While there are millions who drink a single small glass of wine a life long - I don't know a single person who has that much control to limit a now and then glass of wine tradition to a single small glass ever week or so,

If you progress and are sure about that .- then fine, did I take a single glass of wine every week or months during all the years of most intense and purest kriya to achieve oneness with God ?


I put myself on a self induced and absolute zero alcohol diet and I never had the feeling it was a rule, I did it out of LOVE for my dad. I did it to have the best possible love for my eternal father. I knew and remembered how terrible it is to have a lover in bed who first needs a glass of wine or more before making love - I never wanted to be in a similar situation. I was ready to face true love directly without getting alcoholized, before getting narcotized ...

But the key point is and was that I did it out of love and never out of an outside imposed rule!!!

As I said - God and wine is like husband and vibrator

sooner or later leading to divorce - inside or outside or both

A long time ago I offered the single lesson / love test "A glass of wine" - to be learned to the extent of never needing wine again to enjoy love ...

As soon as you are truly ready to fully face love, feeling lovable, being lovable, enjoying being sexy, enjoy being loved, you'll have the courage to be loved and to love - from the bottom of your soul.

Love and bliss


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