A relationship only can work if both fully cooperate to make it work

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A relationship only can work if both fully cooperate to make it work

Dear Rufina

I remember many years ago your husband appeared to have severe alcohol problems - I hope this has found an absolute end because even with temporary alcohol problems their neither is a spiritual progress nor true love possible.

I assume you both have followed all the basic teachings of love - but may be only one of you ...

A relationship always requires BOTH to fully cooperate and BOTH to succeed on the spiritual path of love toward home in God. If one progresses and the other indulges in alcohol or laziness then the entire family fails to achieve or maintain happiness. It simple is impossible to be happy with a drunkard - as well as with a lazy one.

Without real efforts on BOTH sides there can be neither love, nor happiness nor success in life and business.

If you two want to succeed then you TWO have to review your vow to love each other - was it a lie or true - if true then both need to prove their love in full. In a true love relationship there should be no or minimum need to talk, because all needs should be felt, intuitively perceived and full harmony be maintained by saying ONE single time in all eternity YES to the needs of LOVE of the partner. Love is the single most important factor in any and every relationship. Love - skin to skin, heart to heart, lips to lips, soul to soul - beyond words, beyond descriptions - including a truly loving sexual relationship - any time, any place, any style, any position - from the bottom of your 2's heart. In love FOR / with each other - with one single goal only: To make the partner as happy as can be.

That requires BOTH to be strong in job, in life and in spiritual roots in God. Without a full commitment there is no love possible and no relationship possible.

If you have questions or additional need for help, then BOTH of you would need to communicate HERE - only if BOTH want at any cost the relationship to work can a relationship succeed. If one for whatever reason withdraws his attention, his focus on love / God or indulges in laziness, alcohol or drugs - then there is ONE final solution only:


There should be NO second chance in a marriage - if the first marriage vow was a lie, then a second chance also is a lie. From an unloyal partner to a truly loyal partner normally there are decades or many incarnations needed to mature - I never have seen anyone doing the maturity in just a few years.

No matter what your culture says, no matter what your family says - Each and everyone has a divine right to be loved OR to be left alone to find true love or to progress alone as single on the path of love to God.

Love and bliss


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