To do the right thing.

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at 11/28/2007, 22:43:29

Beloved Hansji,

I had a query. What should one do when in a relationship whatever the person says or does offends or hurts the partner. I am trying my best to keep my partners interest in mind but I always come across as selfish and self centered. Please help and guide me what I should do? I feel what I am doing or saying is right but the consequences of my words and actions are always the opposite what I expect or didn't expect at all. I am very confused right now. Please help me. Everyone around me is unhappy because of my action or inaction in a particular situation.

This feeling of helpless is overwhelming, I want to do the right thing but.......This seems to be the story of life currently. Please help me help myself, beloved guruji.

Love Rufina.

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