Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get ;)

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at 09/27/2007, 17:58:21

All of the above hans said is true. Join instantly or be free and separate. A similar situation happened to me, you can see that most of the topics in this category were posted by me. Although I dramatized a lot more, what can I say I used to love the drama so I got that. Most of the things I wrote about are now a loving memory or a big LOL. Single life can be hard, but we have to learn to be happy on our own first. We should not rely on love we receive from the outside, but rather focus on our own love we produce and send to other beings and surroundings. I haven't been in a real relationship or really kissed a girl since years. I get asked questions like "why don't you have a girfriend" on a daily basis. A lot of times when I hear such questions I want to smack the one who asked me this because it really gets annoying. We have to focus on our perfection and developing love. Right now I am not nearly perfect and only partly take care of my financial status. I take almost all the temporary jobs that I'm offered and I'm sure in a short period of time I can take care of myself all on my own. If you meet your soulmate is that what you want to give her? Imperfection, confusion, unreliability, little glimpses of love? I'm sure you don't want to do that. We have to grow stronger and better in all our life. For myself until I am nearly perfect I will not join with a partner and I am aware of it that it can take me a whole lifetime or longer...somehow loneliness can be our best friend which pushes us to do better. Look around and I'm sure you could count those really happy realationships on your fingers. We have to purify ourselves and when we are clean and loving enough we should join with a partner.

You said you don't like the parties...Try to do the things you like. For me its a lot easier to climb from 500m to 2500m in 8 hours than spending 5 minutes on those what people today call "parties".

Again I'm only a little learning soul, for best advice listen to hans.

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