A man is like a tree - a man first needs to grow big and strong to supply and provide before being ready to fall for

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A man is like a tree - a man first needs to grow big and strong to supply and provide before being ready to fall for

A man needs to be strong and solid in life and hence a man needs to go through many seasons, through many storms, through many challenging situations to give him the strength needed to secure his family. A man needs to spiritually grow and that also requires professional freedom and stability in all situations of global economy. Such male maturity requires time, years of adventurous jobs, challenges and continuous learning.

A girl needs security, a girl needs stability before she can truly fall in love for a man. Students typically lack all that is needed for true love relationship. In modern western society men and women waste far too much time in basic school education and start productive working life much too late.

As a result men and women are sexually mature but financially still fully dependent and weak. Their body longs for love - Yet their body lacks the financial and professional security and stability to provide the basic needs for a true love relationship.

Typical students in western society still depend on parents, government loans and other third party financial sources instead of being able to provide all the basics for a free life that accommodates and entire family.

The longer you date a girl - the less likely there is true love. True love either exists from the first moments or it lacks. True love requires full maturity and strength in both potential partners. True strength is totally independent from age - true love only depends on strength acquired by both in their mutual efforts to be strong and free in life.

Whatever you do separately from each other will separate you - whatever you do together, day by day, day and night, will join you deeper and stronger.

If your girl friend chose a place far from you - Hawaii is VERY far for student's budget - then she chose a life away from you. In a true love relationship such decisions would be made together. i.e. to chose a new, different and hopefully better place to study, work or life can and will be made together while keeping in mind that the young man is the one and will be the only one to support the entire family to come. In a truly matching couple the innermost interests are identical and hence all can be shared and done together.

If such readiness to share all life, each day, day and night, is missing, then dating can go on for years still lacking any true love. True love would result in instantly moving together and sharing all - provided that both are ready, strong, mature and free of obligations toward third parties.

School friends are school friends and since you are now far apart in body, you both should give each other free. You have decided to move apart for educational purposes while there would have been countless occasions to do all education together at a location suitable for both.

The decision to move apart is nothing else but a divorce. Accept this divorce and free your heart for true love by doing what you want and need to do and by first and above all growing strong professionally and financially to accommodate a girl in love with you from the first moments you meet.

There is lots to learn and to experience for young men in order to get ready for true love. live is far too beautiful and far too exciting to be wasted apart or waiting for someone far away. Love is to be practiced, consumed and enjoyed each day and night. The moment you let her go and consider her your ex school date, that moment your heart will get free again for a new future, for new friends and new locations, to learn, to study and to work and progress in life. Move on to places you love, to places you feel most suitable for your job opportunities and continuing education. A true love needs more than a dorm, a lover needs a home, apartment or small rental house / cottage from a man free of depths, free of loans, free of mortgages. A place to be happy, a place to start a family, a place to be turned into a cozy little love-nest.

Write her a loving eMail - give her free. It was her choice to move away ... hence she will have to accept to either stay physically with you with all her heart and soul or be physically far away from you and hence just be a sweet memory from old school times. Life needs to be lived each and absolutely every day. Love only can be learned by actually loving. Relationship only can mature while living together. It's time for both to either fully review the decisions made and instantly move together again - that means the one who moved away will have to move BACK - OR - to start living your new life, being open for new friends, being free for new love.

Since you as a man are the only one to provide all food, support and home for your future family, you need to make your choices based on where and how you can learn and grow strong more efficiently and faster. Make your choices on where you get the largest choices of job opportunities, vocational training and continuing education combined with challenges that let you grow strong and stronger in life every single day. Such never can be achieved by running after a girl who decided to move away from you.

Go to places you feel most attracted considering all above. Go out, party, meet new friends - meet new girls, learn to understand girls and become an adult man before falling again in love with another girl. Focus on getting strong and ready for all love at once from the very first moment you meet your future love. Love at first glance only can exist if both are truly free and ready. True love never dates - true love instantly joins the 2 lovers without dating for weeks or months.

God bless


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