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Posted by: God Love
Corey registered
at 09/06/2007, 10:46:36

Dear friend,
it sounds like you want to transfer..
what have you got to lose?
What could be more important than love?
Know your life is eternal and in that light chose your priorities for this incarnation.
I choose God Realization as my first and only priority for this whole incarnation. I continually strive to make choices that bring me closer and closer, and I have faith that I will persist and succeed as a result. God will take care of me.
I was married and got divorced.
Kriya yoga was a solace to me during the hard times of marriage, and it is a solace to me now during the hard times as a single. Kriya is for those in love and for singles. It strips you of what isn't divine. When I used to be married, sometimes it was so loving and so wonderful, thanks to kriya and grace. Now everyone on the planet is my family and I am making adjustments in my behavior and thinking to honor this truth.
before marriage, My former wife and I spent a year apart, and we grew apart- read the many pages on this website about love and relationships.
I think Hans' purpose here is to produce enlightened beings. If you really follow his teachings you may do things that others may think are crazy. This website is for enlightenment above any material or success or comfort. I have been given the grace of material comfort on top of all the spiritual help I have received !!!(but only by lots of sacrifice) By striving to follow Hans's teachings, I have also become a carpenter, and am well paid, living in probably the best community in Alaska (Halibut Cove).
I made lots of mistakes in my previous love life (one reason i'm no longer married)I failed to really worship my wife, to treat her as God- because every being is a temple of God. And I failed to be ready and prepared to give all and provide all. I was full of conventions learned from my society and peer group, like 'its not ok to be physically affectionate in public' and 'bros before hos'. Well, what are we here for? Is it to be cool, to have a good career, or is it to enjoy love, and to find God? Whatever purpose we deeply choose, we move toward because our deep feelings and longings affect our actions.
THat is all I have to say for now. May it be of some use to you. I felt like I should respond, so I did. Bear in mind my current state of consciousness lacks omniscience. May we all soon be liberated.

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