Strive to understand others - why others do what they do - it helps to love them when knowing the reason for their actions

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Strive to understand others - why others do what they do - it helps to love them when knowing the reason for their actions

What most people forget is to ask why people do the evil things they do. Many of those doing but evil things may simply have been hurt by others once too often, been humiliated or pushed against the wall too much.

Example terrorists: If all people on this world, all cultural groups, all families, all religious groups, all ethnic groups would be given FULL and absolute freedom AND autonomy within their own boundaries of life - then NO single person or group ever would feel threatened - neither by individual persons nor by entire countries.

It is the effort of "global powers" and individual countries to subordinate an entire nation under ONE rule, one law, one control that makes such people feel threatened and subsequently makes them defend their own lives and living boundaries by attacking those organizations, groups, families or entire nations - as a result of extreme suppression threatening their own absolute freedom to be totally different in their own boundaries ... as a result of their own freedom to be however they chose to be - right or wrong.

Only those who can change out of innermost changes and maturity of conscience will make a peaceful change. suppression of beings with different nature, different attitude, different beliefs or different political views or economical systems only leads to aggression and subsequently to self-defense up to attacking the center of original threat - such as September 11 case.

The absence of true absolute freedom combined with absolute autonomy of each group of individuals or of each individual leads to action and reaction directed by panic and fear.

Love in exchange gives freedom to be different, love gives freedom to experiment, love gives freedom to chose at your own pace whatever choices you want to make when ever you are ready to make them.

Political systems that require all nation - all individuals to follow one set of behavioral conduct prevents natural maturity within each and all individual souls and beings.

Learn to ask and search for true original root causes and reasons of current actions and reactions to better understand the ongoing problems

When ever someone does evil - learn to ask your self and God in deepest prayers WHY ? Often - if your desire to understand all is strong enough and your readiness to love all is sincere enough, then you may start to understand why people do what they do and you may further also understand why some experiences - evil or right - may lead to true ultimate loving maturity. Always keep eternal life and eternal maturity as a frameset to benchmark all learning steps and you will see that even a few thousand years of wrongful doing leading to an absolute and eternal state of inner readiness to ONLY love may become understandable vs an enforced peace or enforce love - enforced peace and enforce love are nothing short of raping a person or entire nation ....

We all surely know that each individual loves to be loved - yet we have absolutely no right to enforce such loving other on any level. All we can do is to offer peace, freedom and love and wait until our offer is accepted in the hearts of those offering such.

Love and bliss


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