A loving mother with many children - a mother with many loving children and one destructive child ...

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A loving mother with many children - a mother with many loving children and one destructive child ...

Hi Suzanne

In my life I have met many woman having many children - up to 10 or 11 - all of them being very happy - none of them having any problem at all. All have a home, all have work, all have food in abundance - all growing up in rural environment - amidst nature - amidst abundance of work and food.

I also had my preferred aunt - 4 children - peaceful marriage. 4 nice children but all 4 sometimes fighting each other on daily or weekly basis ...

My aunt never used any kind of violence, no harsh words, no punishment of any kind. she fully absorbed and swallowed all stress that fighting children cause to parents. she always was equally friendly and equally loving to all 4 of her children. none preferred, none in a privileged position of any kind. 4 children of equal rights and equal love!

Now imagine you are a mother of MANY ... let's say a full dozen. all hugging, all loving each other, all hugging all their friends, all loving and sharing all their neighbors and friends ...

except one

one child of your dozen being totally different for no apparent reason. one child stealing from others, one child destroying other's property, cutting bike tires, breaking headsets or computer joysticks. putting dirt in food, killing pets of siblings, telling lies to separate lovers among siblings, stealing pocket money from siblings, molesting siblings again and again in their peaceful time of love and recreation ...

for absolutely no reason - just out of innermost evil intentions.

from earliest childhood, months after month, year after year. all the sweet and loving talk fruitless. all the attempts to discipline, explain or reason = fruitless without even smallest changes.

All children all loving. always loving all ... but one child always fully evil, even when smiling or apparently loving - then just to get into someone's heart or life to destroy even more soon afterward ... How many government paid spies or undercover agents sneak into organizations, families, governments, companies, to do just that - to first gain fullest trust and when finally being in a trusted and influential position - to wake up their evil plans and start destructive evil activities ?? mankind in general is able to be of evil and destructive nature - some more, some to a lesser extent, a few only have but loving intentions all their life long in all situations.

how would you react ?

most likely you might be quite helpless. to you it might never happen. but this scenario happens to thousands of other mothers with more or less children and one child being of evil intentions and evil nature only.

people can be apparently peaceful and loving for years or decades - just to "sneak" into someone's life to get into a position where the potential to create real heavy damage is greatest.
look at the betrayal of Jesus, look at the many professional spies these very years, look at the undercover police and agents working for governments, look at the terrorist scenes. many behaving apparently normal for many years and yet with no other intentions but to one day start out of the blue a heavily destructive or betraying activity ...

Hence people of any education, any religion, any position, job or nationality have and prove the potential to be of truly evil intentions and evil nature - and such persons by the millions manage to hide their intentions for years or even decades until the moment of truth.

My series "secrets of love" is intended to help on a pure love-level to discover and reveal all such evil intentions and evil nature among our closest friends and potential "lovers". while a brain may lie, a mouth may lie, a hand may lie - the innermost being is guided by God's power of love and that innermost being always reveals the full truth to all - ALL - if you know to recognize the inner language of a soul.

Any evil nature of a human being always is easiest revealed with true love tests. a truly loving soul always will easily pass all love tests with greatest happiness and joy. anyone failing any single of these love tests may have any other but loving intentions and thus being of other but loving nature - temporarily or permanently. In eternal life it only is about love - knowing how to love, loving all in all situations. those who manage to love all at any given time in all possible environmental situations of eternal life could never fail any of the true love tests. hence to qualify for a permanent home in God again - true love is the utmost highest and only priority for all. love is the key to God.

how would you react in the case of above mother of many children ?

no one knows and I sincerely wish you never have to face such a situation in absolutely all eternity!

but to think about such scenario may help you to understand why for the sake of eternal peace and love among all God needs to create solutions of love to maintain eternal infinite peace and love among all his loving children.

Hence God has created for that reason the numerous levels or densities where souls of different levels of love or fake love are among each others while at the same time protecting the more loving ones from the less loving ones and fully protecting the only loving ones from those only sometimes or partially loving ones.

here on earth we all potentially have a full scenario of war on different levels:

  • betrayal
  • jealousy
  • envy
  • greed
  • stinginess
  • stealing
  • killing - even in the name of law setup by governments
  • separating husband wife - cheating on partner - betraying partner
  • abusing children for profit
  • using others to achieve own goals
  • putting others out of business - out of life-support

all such is practiced by the hundreds of millions each day - in almost all nations, all religions, all ethic groups.

here we all are amidst a world that reflects our all innermost being of evil intentions.

all - with the exception of the few millions who may have come here to help, to make a difference, to be a loving example, to give love to evil ones in the hope to change their lives.

To protect the entire creation - a creation far beyond the size of all visible stars and universes - God very obviously needs a most powerful loving solution of love to assure that all creation eternally will improve, prosper and evolve even further. To dissolve in love is a divine solution only God can provide at the right time when all other solutions or attempts to help have failed.

Love and divine bliss


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