Sometime the contradictions may lead you to a higher truth !!!

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Many times in my life I have come across contradictions. I have read many quotes from great saints which contradicts another from equally great saints. Not only that I have noticed many great saints "contradict" their own saying.

But invariably those contradictions unfolded to a higher truth to me, which made me realize that contradiction could be our own limitation to comprehend the higher truth.

Initially I used to wonder, how come in on one hand hans recommends vegetarian food at the same time he cooks non-veg food and feeds other. He writes the non-veg recipes also Contradiction? There I realized everything is dictated by love and only by love !!!

In the initial sections of Gita, Krishna pokes Arjun’s Ego. He advises Arjun to fight when Arjun did not want to fight for various reasons. Towards the end he pounds on his Ego !!!
If he were to pound on his Ego, why did he help him grow it?

There is something called Tantra Yoga, which is about Sexuality. There are many spiritual traditions which recommend Brahmacharya i.e. celibacy. In past, people following tantra yoga or other traditions advising celibacy in its ENTIRETY, has helped them in progressing spiritually.

My initial period of acquaintance with hans, I used to find many such "contradictions" in his teachings. But whenever I hit upon one, I always knew that this is my inability to comprehend the truth. Because it’s should be simple common sense that a God Realized person can never be wrong. Even if he is wrong a mortal won’t be able to figure out his mistakes. By time I used to get higher truth associated with the seemingly contradictions. And whether a person is God realized or not, logically it could be easy to determine but actually I think one needs to have that faith and trust on him. I think that comes with experience with him by time as you get to know him more and more.

For example let say a person advises one person to stay away from electricity and at the same time he advises the opposite to another person. Let say you have no idea of electricity then you would think the person is contradicting. But the truth could be that the person who advised might very well know that the first person can’t handle electricity hence could be dangerous whereas the second person can and use it for its benefit.

Here in above case "stay away from electricity" can be part of a teaching rightly given by wise person to some set of people. Now just to be an example of the teachings, the person who preaches, he himself may be ordained or planned or decided to "stay away from electricity". At the same time "make use of electricity" also can part of another teaching given by same or any other wise person to another set of people who have the ability to "handle electricity".

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