Guidance needed is already published

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at 06/19/2007, 01:36:54

Guidance needed is already published

As per 17th May 2000 all that a sincere God-seeker needs as guidance and teachings is already published - ALL. Those who have other interest than a sincere and most direct path of love or those who have the habit to reject guidance or expect individual guidance despite the already given teachings and guidance will fail because they want their own way confirmed to be right rather than to follow the path given - they want the rules to be modified until their ego matches within the rules.

Guidance requires maturity to follow. Mixing teachings from more than one source always leads to a mess and disaster and above all to a waste of time and resources.

I have no time to waste for sarcastic posts - I have thousands of hours work waiting to be published and completed at any given time.

you clearly wrote:

"...... I don't need no words. I feel what is right, ......"

If you feel what is right - then you also should feel that posting HERE is wrong because you are going circles and wasting our all time. we all have plentiful of more important things to do than simple small talk or repetitions.

Use what is already given to you and focus for the next many decades on loving work and practice of what is given. Then you will receive additional guidance in the traditional way and that certainly never is eMail or forum!

God bless


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