YES a person can be 100% evil and totally separated from God

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YES a person can be 100% evil and totally separated from God

However separated from God never means out of God's creation. All is inside God's creation and yet can be totally separated from God.

Example a balloon floating on the ocean is separated from the ocean and separated from the air - by its rubber-skin and yet if the skin ruptures the inside of the balloon will become one with the air an done with the ocean depending on its density.

There are many millions of humans that have developed most intense negativity. Darkness pure and served the dark side of creation for millions of years. This planet for example is like a balloon - surrounded by invisible "skins" - layers - that separate this planet with all its content from the rest of creation except those who transcendent all layers by the power of pure divine love.

There have been and still are millions of humans full time and consciously busy with nothing else but to hurt others, to damage others, to betray others (spies), to kill others ( solders, policemen, judges, governors denying mercy, presidents of various countries as much as individuals, criminals or others. A modern manifestation of the darkness is the cyber crime population. People doing nothing else but to harm others, to destroy other's property or to molest others again and again ( we have one such case occurring in the Cyberspace Ashram since more than 7 years ... )

God has 2 ways to act on such dark individuals.

To dissolve in love. Look at nature - at animal world, made by God as well. There are extreme situation when an animal mother eats up part of her youngest babies .... to give birth again months later to another number of babies. Animals often KNOW when something is seriously wrong and for the protection of creation and the particular animal part of creation they "dissolve" by eating up their own offspring

God could do as well and en entire human being including soul could disappear from earth and from creation like a drop of water on a rock will be dissolved by the power of the sun. To dissolve a human being is one of the most serious situation in all creation - it is an act of greatest severity and can only be done in greatest love for all.

God grants mercy if there is at least one single person asking on behalf of another person for grace and mercy out of true love. In most cases it always is most easy to find at least one reason to grant mercy. No human can ask God to dissolve a being in his love - but every human can ask for grace and mercy for others.

Are there human bodies without soul ?


There are many humans who have been denied to die or to return home to God by whatever means God has planned for that individual. Hence it is the karma of mankind to have "zombies" among mankind. Bodies without soul. For a truly spiritual person it is easy to recognize such zombies. However zombies often also are abused and occupied by other souls who are separated from God as a temporary body for days of even longer.

Love and bliss



I am fully aware of the delay of this reply - however your question was a little too early for you to fully understand the reply in the bottom of your heart. May now be the right time. This entire situation can ONLY be understood by a truly loving one using his heart to feel and to know.

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