You achieve the goal you learn and work to achieve

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You achieve the goal you learn and work to achieve

You want to become one with Reiki - then you practice Reiki, you want to become one with God then you practice love and the holy science of love. Only the one having become ONE with God ever can be guru.

I can NOT be your guru because you are too inefficient and to distracted - pray to God and work much harder, practice ALL that is given to you as a gift from God and one day you will have a Guru assigned by my father. A guru never needs body to teach and guide those who are willing to return home. You have to qualify and to do so you need to have a clear goal, a strong will power and a clean decision of your mind, heart and soul and prove such divine path to God by your action.

If however it is your wish to be guided to God by me and you pray to God for such - then you shall receive whatever is needed to return home to God - when ever you are ready for true love and nothing but love, whenever you are ready for a direct path of love home to God and nothing but that. It is my father to bless all my work and help as it is my father's love that flows through me. from heaven to hell and any place in between there shall be no place I won't find you when you need help and are ready to follow home to God!

Initiated is who has completed from the bottom of his heart the blessing ceremonial. All parts of it - the true God-seeker and kriya yogi can be recognized by his hard and most qualified work resulting in his sharing with the poorest and weakest ones.

I have NOWHERE ever published that people should do half jobs - that applies for kriya yoga as well - do all or nothing at all. read all and follow all. whatever you do in life - do with all your heart, soul and strength or you will fail.

Healing is done by healthy persons who know - healing never should be attempted by lost ones or disoriented ones. Read the autobiography of a yogi again and see how many times or how few times healing has been given by any or the gurus mentioned. there is a reason to that.

whatever comes up in your meditation is your life, is your true innermost being and nothing to fear as it all is created by you it all also can be dissolved by you if you really want to. But dissolving requires God's love and hence your true and most sincere opening for God and his love. sincerity in love is proven by your help for the poorest ones on this planet for a full lifetime and beyond.

Since you have no time for regular daily full kriya yoga session - that proves that you are doing too many other things that most likely are obsolete on an efficient path of life. make up your mind and clean up your daily schedule to have enough time for real work, for helping others and for your spiritual God-oriented daily practices

God bless



As always - the full reply is already published in the many chapters, Blog posts and newsletters - your questions are but the result of your superficial reading due to lack of time for the really important priorities in your own life..

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