Oh man

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Jiggo registered
at 02/05/2007, 01:42:23

can't you say anything nice for a change. You tell me change this, you're weak there. Is there anything good on me at all? Because if I screwed up that badly, why am I still here?

If I worked now, I worked outside, so I'm sure I have the potential to DO outside jobs. When I was a kid I was outside all the time, climbing trees or alike. I do know I lack strength to do the really heavy work like hammering the stones or carrying heavy stuff, I tried it and gave up after few days. On the other side, I know I have to grow a lot stronger too. However there are outside jobs, which aren't so demanding, so I'm sure there is some lighter physical work too. IF I don't find anything, I'll go to a shop and start selling shoes.

However I don't get the example weak body- weak salary, strong body- big salary. Usually politicans are weak and they get big salary, those strong ones working in mines get only the little what is needed to survive. And their backs hurt too, most of the time. Heard it from almost everybody who worked in the mines here.

I felt like I had to reply, but now as promised will end this discussion for actions and changes are needed first. If you reply, please don't give me any new food. ;)

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