Professional qualifications are the key to success - strength in life is the key to acquire qualifications

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Professional qualifications are the key to success - strength in life is the key to acquire qualifications

What you realize with your weak back that hurts is that you need to build up strength before getting / qualifying for nice jobs. That might be the only reason that brought you on my web site. No one is too young - but most might be too weak ! before you can get outdoor jobs you need to have a strong body. practice and physical exercise is the means to get strong.

weakness is the result of lacking efforts to grow strong before having fun in life and enjoying all aspects of life. strength is something you can achieve on your own - free of charge. but it involves sweating and workout. strong back never hurts!

the coding example was an example of someone who had neither money to invest nor education or diploma but willpower to sit down and learn at home - selfstudy - and practice and earn / work his way UP in life.

The very same example is applicable in any other situations of life.

you always get what you earn - you have weak body, then you get weak jobs - hence low paying jobs. you have low qualifications - then you get low qualification / helper jobs for low salary - if you are weak and unqualified then you get either cheapest helper jobs or no jobs or very limited selection of jobs. it's ALL always up to you to change YOUR life into a successful life ...


the kind and salary of jobs NEVER depends on your parents, gens, inheritance, never depend on your country, never depend on your age, never depend on diploma, never depend on economy, never depend on outside factors at all - success or lack of success ONLY depends on how much YOU invest into achieving real strength inside and outside - by acquiring true qualifications in a topic of life that is in real demand by strong and healthy society and by being strong enough to do whatever job needs to be done until job done.

the very same method a person needs to save 2000 $ is needed to save 20'000 $ - just more of it and much more efficiently. 20'000 $ is all you ever need to start any honest business if done wisely. honesty, creativity and productivity always can be refined and improved to succeed even more in anything you do in life. start small and modest but keep growing while learning and improving.

God bless


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