Third time's a charm

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Answer to questions here;

# can you repair cars ?
A: A little.
# can you repair car electronics ?
A: No.
# can you repair airplanes or helicopters ?
A: No.
# can you repair computers ? can you repair TV/Hi-Fi or cellphones ?
A: If software computer problems, then most likely yes, I fixed them for friends or relatives.
Hardware, no. Unless there are some cables to be heated or isolated or those minor changes.
# can you heal or perform therapies ?
A: No.
# can you create a dozen different pizza or pasta ?
A: Yes, but who knows if it will taste good? ;D
# can you translate a few languages?
A: I can speak four languages. Does not include all the proper writting rules. Not professionaly and there of course are things I don't understand.
# can you build houses and bridges, furniture or tools/machineries?
A: Yes, with the help of others if project is big and my knowledge is missing.
# can you develop new tools or machineries ?
A: No.
# can you grow vegetables and fruits in a desert like soil ?
A: No.
# can you create fully functional computer code in any of the major coding languages to produce fully working, secure and useful SW for the industry?
A: I do run a website, so I understand little of computer code, usually Google helps me. But NO, I could not produce a usefull SW for the industry.
# can you fix SW in one or several languages ?
A: No.
# can you help others to produce more, to create better life, to improve their profits in their business?
A: Depends on what they need to be helped with.

I also am a guitar player, playing for I think 7 years. I play in a garage band, but I surely
lack the motivation, because of different types and styles of music. I'd like to sing and play music
with love or for love, others play because of fame or to get attention, black music instead of music
which makes happy...its my second band, it was my dream sometime ago to be a professional musician and not
too famous, just so I could make a humble living from it. But the right people are just nowhere to be found,
so I gave that dream up. However I'm still playing.

But none of this helps, you need a diploma for everything today.

So now I look for another way... I won't write here no more I guess, until I find something, I sure hope it won't take too long.
(this is the third time I think I said this, well third times a charm). Still I'd like
to return to your website to read the pages, its an uplifting experience almost every time.

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God Love No need for diploma to be successful in life but need to prove qualifications and need for willpower to really work and really succeed in all you startlink hans 1 Sat, Feb 03, 2007, 23:01:18
God Love Thank you for your suggestion Jiggo 1 Sun, Feb 04, 2007, 22:09:17
God Love Professional qualifications are the key to success - strength in life is the key to acquire qualificationslink hans 1 Sun, Feb 04, 2007, 23:51:52
God Love Oh man Jiggo 0 Mon, Feb 05, 2007, 01:42

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