Time off never is intended to be used to refill energy - time off is to have fun after work

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Time off never is intended to be used to refill energy - time off is to have fun after work

How on earth can you do what needs to be done ? - I grew up on a mountain farm, my father had 8 yrs, my mother 5 yrs of elementary school - when they got married they slept on straw without furniture - a few years later they owned their own old small but nice house - improved every year the house, years later sold it to buy a 9.6 hectare mountain farm - and father had to get up from spring to late fall between 5 to very latest 5:30 and work finished usually around 22:00 or later - 7 days / week. that is normal farmer life for all the farmers I ever met in such or similar mountain regions. I never heard any of them aver whine or complain, I never saw a single farmer ever being tired. they all have and had one single choice - to work harder and survive, to work much harder and prosper or to die. one of my neighbors died of cancer - almost all other farmers opted for first choice and my parents clearly for the third choice! All my parents missed to learn was to love. these hard working farmer families in the Swiss mountains were my teachers to show me that a working day is finish when job done no matter how late. a taxi driver may simply park his car and stop working - however a farmer with 50 or more different animals needing care, food, shelter, protection and more ... animals from sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, cows, horses, ... and a few hundred fruit trees that also need care and harvesting, fish ponds with rainbow trouts that need clean up and food, ... there is no time off unless you want to loose all at once.

If you do what you love - the the joy and happiness you create in others and for others is the source of energy. Hence the time off you have if at all is to have fun, to participate in social activities, family life or recreation/outdoor activities. God never sleeps - eternally - human made to the image of God thus have the same potential, if they do with love and nothing but for love whatever they do. The older you get the more power you can deploy ... if at the very same time you dissolve in love all remaining ego and free the flow of love!

If you want to be successful in your own business then a 100 hr/week working schedule is normal and nothing special at all. if that is too much then you need to accept a job as employee until grown stronger to be free on your own!

You live in the environment you selected yourself. If you selected an environment of drugs -then that is your free choice. weak people stay where they are put by birth. strong ones make their own choices as soon as they turn legal age and are adult. the world is open - for you as well.- the key to the world are professional qualifications - qualifications are nothing else but the expression of true love toward all. if you love all - then you want to be good in what you do to make others as happy as can be.

You have the free choice of whining like Billions for the next few thousand years - or you have the free choice to kick your butt and grow beyond what you see around you. average efforts end where you are now - unlimited efforts end where you wish to be. the choice is yours. if you want good jobs then you have to learn - day time work, night time learn. until you have the skills and knowledge needed to get the job you want. easy jobs are for those in need for a limited period of time to live on "society welfare" - the ultimate goal for all is to become a specialist of some kind. musician, artist, cook, whatever - but expert! to be an excellent gourmet cook requires less than 2000 US$ investment - to be a top guitar player or piano boogie player requires less than 2000 US$ in material or equipment - but any of such expert jobs require years of many hours daily learning and practicing. hence efforts beyond $. a motivation to do rather than to talk.

peace of mind is the result of yourself getting free of entanglement, free in your work, free in your life - that requires clean up of your life, dissolving attachments to wrong neighborhood or wrong friends like drug addicts or alcoholics. your peace of mind is what you create by cleaning up all your past, present and entire life - by creating the living environment that pleases you and is the living environment you can feel happy.

Instead of talking / writing more - you should start to act and change your life. if you want to be free - then learn as much as needed to gain freedom on this planet in your present life.

  • can you repair cars ?
  • can you repair car electronics ?
  • can you repair airplanes or helicopters ?
  • can you repair computers ? can you repair TV/Hi-Fi or cellphones ?
  • can you heal or perform therapies ?
  • can you create a dozen different pizza or pasta ?
  • can you translate a few languages?
  • can you build houses and bridges, furniture or tools/machineries?
  • can you develop new tools or machineries ?
  • can you grow vegetables and fruits in a desert like soil ?
  • can you create fully functional computer code in any of the major coding languages to produce fully working, secure and useful SW for the industry?
  • can you fix SW in one or several languages ?
  • can you help others to produce more, to create better life, to improve their profits in their business?

if YES to any above or similar questions - then you can find jobs in dozens of countries, to travel while learning more, to improve existing skills and broaden your freedom until ready to be your own boss.

if NO - then you may have forgotten to learn a profession first ... and may need to sit behind books and computers to acquire what is missing to solve your life's problems on your own.

Life is like a mountain - to reach the top you have to start the first step and keep on walking UP - step by step. every successful career always starts at the very bottom. all those having started half way up will crash most likely sooner or later. If you have started all the way down - if you have lived amidst the poorest and most lost ones - and work and love your way UP - then you will eternally remember how it is down in hell and feel love for all the lost ones as well as have the motivation to stay safe for the remainder of all eternity!

God bless


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