Jobs are like women - first you get the wrong ones to appreciate the right one later one when you are ready

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Jobs are like women - first you get the wrong ones to appreciate the right one later one when you are ready

First you may get those jobs you wish - just to figure out and feel that you don't love them. But by getting what you wished you may learn to better appreciate what God gave you already - you may learn to accept ┼Áhat is made for you.

The topic is love - for most that means a partner in life. For most people whether they admit it or reject it - it's about finding love and being happy. Hence we first need to learn to make happy.

First we learn to do all those jobs that need to be done - like in the fairytale "Mother Holle". Before you find your dream-job - you may first have to earn your dream job by doing whatever jobs need to be done, whatever !

Doing so will give you insight in jobs that need to be done even if they are unpleasant at times - but at the same time you gain money for a future dream-job and you gain needed knowledge and acquire needed skills for a future own business.

of course you can start your own business for 2000 $ !! but if you belief that is too little, may be your dreams are unrealistic and too high and first need to shrink ...

I know someone who had nothing at all - started as a helper, learned and got trained - and soon later got an opportunity to start freelance in addition to his fully paid employment. some 2 years into his job he earned some 4000$ ...

The far greatest investment you need to have accumulated is kills, knowledge and experience before starting any successful business. Like in marriage as well !! You finally work to please and make happy the one you love, to offer HER a loving working environment for her and all your kids to be happy.

When I started my SCUBA diving facility mid 80-ies, I had only some 10'000+ $ left to invest - and I started smallest scale, rented equipment instead of buying equipment for the first year of business. Next year I successfully competed on an international level as a contractor for a foreign government and got that job without additional $ needed - just a car and skills, experiences and reliability. 2 years I maintained such government contract to earn the money needed for my own full SCUBA diving facility. something that I got months after months more and more, step by step by working extra shifts, extra weekends. Normal work always was 7 days/week and at least some 100+ hrs / week.


if you think 2000 $ is too little - do more jobs, dirtier jobs, tougher jobs, any job that is offered from Alaska to Sahara - ANY job, any place, ... and save the money needed to start your own business at the right time. Usually most people learn until age 40 or beyond before being mature to start their own business. Few exceptions are possible.

It's like men and women - age 50+ you will know to appreciate the right one and you will easily satisfy all her needs for love and handle all her loving hurricanes with a smile in your heart - before that, most partners are but wrong choices for wrong reasons to teach you the real values you always have been missing in all your wrong choices before!

Before you become a master you will learn to be an apprentice - for years or decades, doing what told to do, how told to do, to learn what you need to learn to be your own boss when ready.

God bless


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