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It feels just like the last posts on your Blog were ment just for me. A man is made to work...
no problemo!If I like a job, I can do it long, doesn't matter physical or other stuff...
You can do whatever job you like... job that I would love to do...even if I have
no idea what this is. I don't care what I do and at the same time I'd just like a job that I
would love to do! Sometimes, when I read your posts I just smile. I smile out of pure happiness!!
But wait, just after I read it to the end... HELLO, WAKE UP, you're on planet EARTH! I have no
idea what I'd like to do and how I'd like to do it. I don't have a million to start a project
and with the little I have (aprox 2000$) you can't do anything. It seems everyone finds himself
just somewhere, a baker, a driver, a gardner, his own boss(!), woodworker, and me, I'm in the middle
of the desert and there is no sight of anything. What would I like to do, hmm... I guess I'll just
continue what I did now, and pick the next job I don't like and I'll work. I'll work a week, maybe a
month again, then I will go crazy. I'll go nuts, but just then when it seems all is lost, the white
angels will come. The white angels will be there just to take me. They will put me a white coat on,
so I can be amongst the white ones. With their unusual transporter they will take me home. To the
place I've always belong, to the place where I always was ment to be. To the mental institution!
Here I'll pretend I'm king Arthur and the institution is my castle! The whole facility will obey
my orders and I'll do whatever I want to do! One day I'm gonna deiceide I'd like to conquer the
world like the great alexander and ceaser did. Why not, I'm king Arthur, I can do whatever I want!
So I'm gonna gather my white angel soldiers in my castle and we will set sail to see and capture
the whole universe! Unfortunately not everything will go smooth (like that it ever did). So, when
we're right along the coast of Africa our ship wrecks due to the heavy storm. I'm left alone and
thinking to myself, it would be a good idea to see the jungle. This is where I find myself and I
immediately take off all my clothes and wrap a leopard skin around my butt. Now I am Tarzan! I live
happily ever after eating snakes and drinking blood from my ear.

Of course all your posts are so inspiring me and recently I got a genius idea! I remember few years
ago my cusin had this cdplayer with her self on the beach. She constantly had issues with the batteries,
either they weren't full or it was too hot outside and she had to do a pause... well so I get the idea
of inventing a solar cell power supply for diskmans, cdplayer, walkmans, pda's... EXCELLENT! I know just
little basics about electricity, but I do know what amps and volts are. So I'll read a book about it so
I can understand the subject further and then I'll log into ebay and buy the things needed. NO PROBLEMO!
Oh yeah, except that I found out that the item already has been invented and selling all over the world!
Way to go EINSTEIN!

Are all the new things already invented? Have all the revolutions already found its place and there is no
room for others? Have all the poems and songs already been written? It seems that people like me are just
not ment to be anywhere and do anything. IF only I could find myself...

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