Feeling loved by a person is the result of harmony and maturity in both lovers - lack of harmony or maturity is a reason to part at any given time

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Feeling loved by a person is the result of harmony and maturity in both lovers - lack of harmony or maturity is a reason to part at any given time

To be happy with a partner you need to feel loved
to love someone is one part
to be loved by that one is another part absolutely mandatory in any relationship

Often one person is happy - or at least thinks to be happy compared with other earlier experiences
That person being happy may be happy because the partner may be stronger, may compensate for own lack of spirituality and maturity, the partner may provide the feeling of security that a weak person may be too weak and too separated from God to create on his/her own.

If a relationship is expected to last
then BOTH need to be able to fully GIVE ALL their love
i.e. their partner needs to be able and willing to FULLY absorb all love


at the very same time a partner needs to FEEL LOVED by the other part
hence the other part needs to be strong enough to GIVE love
to give love has to do with actual FLOW of love-energy in physical as well as spiritual levels

To make a person happy - to make your partner happy is never enough for a relationship to go on and on. If you make a person happy - you also have a divine right to BE made happy by that person - hence to FEEL loved, to BE happy deep inside and outside as well.

To love or NOT to love never is the question for parting - but to FEEL loved and to feel happy is the key to a lasting relationship with a lover. BOTH need to be strong and mature in their hearts and bodies - spiritually as well as physically matured.

Both need to feel that they love and enjoy to be loved as much as to love.

Hence a relationship needs

the matching partners
the maturity of matching partners

if any of above is missing - then it is time to part

missing maturity and / or missing harmony never can be enforced - maturity to give and absorb love as much as natural innermost harmony are the result of long lasting spiritual growth that may take millions of years if attempted between the wrong two persons.

To say "I don't love you anymore" may in most cases be totally wrong.
but to say I am unhappy - or - I feel unhappy, or I feel NO love flowing, NO happiness inside may be more precise.

If happiness in one of the two is missing - then the partner has absolutely NO right at all to insist in a continuation of that relationship. If the partner still insists - then that insisting, troublesome or stubborn partner proves to have only selfish goals and NO true love FOR you at all. Anyone and everyone truly loving you always wants the very best FOR you - hence any and every true lover can easily be recognized by accepting without controversy your decision to part. A true lover always finds another love or another happiness.

You may meet your ex lover again - and you may have to justify with true words your feelings and how you are better or more happy in your life without her than with her. she has to accept your decision at once or she proves to be a VERY long time away from any true love relationship with any other partner.

For your future - note what is of true value and importance to you with a partner and be willing to contribute your FULL share from the very first seconds toward your future relationship when ready to have another one. Take your time and resources to properly prepare. Never make any compromises - no matter what - and avoid second chances. In my long lasting life until this very day I have given thousands of second and third chances and x-th to millions - but NEVER ever experienced a single person to have proven ready for the second chance to be converted into love and progress.

It usually takes at the very least many years - 5-7 years minimum - for any person to make even minor changes and many decades to make considerable changes ...
It takes far too long to just wait for a person to be ready and to be mature.

Life goes on and others may be a more suitable partner for the remainder of this entire life - meanwhile a stubborn or slow learning potentially better match may continue slow progressing on wrong path with wrong partners until ready to make a clear and firm choice of the heart - a choice of love for love and nothing but love-

All or nothing is my own choice
no compromises at all
because true love as experience by oneness with God is far too sweet and far too beautiful to be diluted by selfish mortal love. since we all are made to the image of God - we all are expected to love as purely as God - HERE on earth as much as later on for the remainder of all eternal life beyond this planet.

Never accept any excuses - never make any deals or compromises

be willing and strong to give all

and be willing to wait until someone offers you all love you need to be fully happy

love and bliss


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