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Posted by: God Love
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at 01/13/2007, 22:03:20

Dear Hans,
It's been a month since my parting with Tra, my wrong partner I have told you about. However, though I know I have made the right decision, Tra still don't accept that I don't love her anymore, she still thinks that I'm just testing her, moreover, she thinks that I part with her just to partner up with another one, which is not true.

I think that I should see her one time again and explain everything clearly, should I do that? Or I should keep on keep distance from her for her to get clear of her mind?

Or should I ask my friend to explain that to her?

Any of your advice would be of great help to me, thank you in advance.

I love you

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God Love Feeling loved by a person is the result of harmony and maturity in both lovers - lack of harmony or maturity is a reason to part at any given timelink hans 0 Sat, Jan 13, 2007, 23:10

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