True love either exists from the first seconds or is missing in most cases for decades or all lifetime

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True love either exists from the first seconds or is missing in most cases for decades or all lifetime

True love is there from first minutes or even seconds - love at first glance
a full YES to each other before knowing name and whereabouts
all else is ego battle and ego digging
ego says NO - you pay more - pay = more roses, more compromises, more gifts, more acceptance of "later" or acceptance of limited love ...
other ego starts saying "may be"
you pay even more
one day other ego say YES
ego is like a prostitute - it's just a matter of price when an agreement is reached
sometimes a "marriage" is the price to be paid before love is granted ... at least that's what the ego will promise in most cases
once you have given the golden ring
you will be waiting all life for the empty promises - all life or until divorced at whatever cost you are willing to pay to regain freedom for another attempt to find happiness

that is ego love
sooner or later scheduled to fail
ego love always fails
ego always dies

latest when a true prove of love deep inside your heart and soul is missing - then you realize it never was love
and never will turn into true love as well !!

ego love starts to exists as your own expectation and hope for TRUE love vanishes or diminishes and as the readiness to give partial love from other party increases as a result of your adding compromises or prices ...

to be able to truly love is a matter of spiritual progress and spiritual inner maturity
a truly mature, truly strong person - strong in the heart and soul - can say YES from the bottom of the heart the very first seconds

For most people on earth true love to mature takes many incarnations
that's why most marriages fail on earth. the number of failed marriages is FAR greater than the number of divorces.

true love turns a mortal into an immortal one day
true love lasts eternally
one love for ever and ever
with the right person God has made for you and for all of us

preparation is the key to find true love
we too need to be prepared and ready to truly love, to give above all and to accept all love offered before we are ready to make happy as needed and as each of us deserves to be loved

Merry Christmas


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God Love Feeling loved by a person is the result of harmony and maturity in both lovers - lack of harmony or maturity is a reason to part at any given timelink hans 0 Sat, Jan 13, 2007, 23:10

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