When God and love is the first and only priority in life - then husband, wife and parents and children all are on same side helping each other

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When God and love is the first and only priority in life - then husband, wife and parents and children all are on same side helping each other

Dear Rufina

It is your husband that will share all life until the end or until home in God
while your parents are expected to give freedom to their children, to love their children and to take care of their own marriage once the children are grown up and in a solid life of their own.

currently your life consists of 3 factors


if parents are God oriented - hence truly loving
then all truly loving parents want of their children is their children to be really happy with the one partner their children chose - poor or rich never mind.

if your husband is God oriented then he wants the same - to love you, to care for you and to make you happy day after day

and God
wants and always wanted nothing else but all his beloved children to be really happy.

God as the source of love and the origin of all of us never makes us to decide between any two persons - God loves all and God knows that all can love all without rejecting a true lover.

a fake lover - a selfish lover however never fits into the life of any true lover. a fake lover, selfish lover will say me or him/her because ego-oriented lovers have OTHER goals than God or true love - selfish lovers want a decision ego OR God, ego OR love ....

as a wife it is your decision of your heart to chose the one you chose and he accepted and responded to your love - and that is the basis of your both mutual love and life on your way home to God. together and in love with each other.

anyone who want a decision for or against one has no true love
anyone who fails to realize the difference between true love and selfish love gets torn apart and stressed to death

Selfish parents have precise expectations, even jealousy toward a partner of one of their children, selfish parents often expect a child to chose a precise partner they have in mind rather than to accept their children's choice of heart.

parents have to accept their choice of heart of all their children and parents should refrain in full from getting between their children's marriage at any cost.

if patents are too selfish and disturb the marriage
then if needed a greater physical distance between children and parents for several years may be healing for the parents to realize that finally their love FOR their children is greater than their ego.

It is your husband that lives with you, grows with you, bears with you, has sex with you, works with you, through all times this life has to offer
in bad times,m hard times, times of political or economical troubles
even decades beyond the life time of your both parents

hence the loyalty first and above all should be


and those who have same goals
God and love

hopefully this is the one and only true priority of you and your husband.

May God bless your parents
God will take care of them if you leave them alone
leaving parents alone for a longer while most likely will be most healing for them and above all
leaving parents alone will force them to share more and spend more time together

NO parents on earth can say that there is nothing to improve within their own marriage
hence NOW when children are grown up - your parents should focus on their own spiritual path, spiritual progress and their own true love between your father and mother rather than getting involved in other people's bedroom and business !

love and bliss


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