To lie is to betray - to pretend to love is to betray self and partner

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To lie is to betray - to pretend to love is to betray self and partner

Dear one

after all the lies or pretending to love you hopefully feel how it is inside you and hopefully you realize the importance of true love, of truthfulness toward self and partner from the very first second.

In a separation situation as yours you will see the true being of a person.
the one who really loved will never cry but give freedom to you.
the one who cries and wants you to come back never truly loved you but wanted you
wanting a person is different from loving a person
needing a person is different from loving a person

a truly loving person always is strong and hence a strong person never NEEDS someone but loves that one.
Ego cries, ego messes, ego lies, ego plays games, ego says "oral sex only after marriage" just to keep you hoping until you are bound by contract ... until too late to change partner.

either all and full love from the very first seconds and minutes and onward day after day week after week - full and all love all the time
it is no love at all between the two and only ego-game

ego game is betrayal of your own true needs as well as betrayal of the true needs of the wrong partner you are together.
ALL need love
all need true love
all need to be ready, prepared and pure in the heart to give and to accept all love
hence all need to grow and to mature - a wrong partner may make aware of what is missing - and the more, the longer you miss something the greater the readiness to do all needed to be ready for the right one from the very beginning.

if a girl - or a man - fails to make oral sex WITHOUT ever being ask to do so from the very first day onward - then that person lacks true readiness to love and to make happy.
subsequently all additional days and years would be wasted time and wasted opportunities to find the right one and to be FREE for the right one from the very first moments you meet - free to join, free to give and to absorb all love available and needed by both.

after one party decides to leave - the other one making such promises like giving oral sex is an empty promise - empty of true love, empty of the magic of true love.
it is far more than simply getting or giving oral sex - it's about true love that makes such an experience a magic experience that touches heart and soul of both lovers!

mankind is made for ONE man having ONE girl
there should never be a triangular relationship.

leave your wrong partner at any cost of tears!
leave her no matter what she says

your statement:

"... I tell her I love her again and again. Though I know in the deep of my heart that I don't love her,..."
shows the importance of being true to you and all around you
at no time and under no circumstances should anyone ever say "I love you" without feeling that very moment that magic flow of love deep inside the heart. at all time should you say exactly and directly what you really wish, feel, need or plan to do. truthfulness is an absolute need for success in life, in love life and in all eternal aspects of life.

to feel guilty is of no benefit to you or her - it simply shows and proves you that you made substantial mistakes by pretending to love someone without really feeling that magic true love for that one.

a love relationship is like a car driving on a road
both are needed - car and road - man and woman
a car needs to be strong - the road needs to be smooth
and on such a road the car advances around the world again and again

if either the car is too weak or the road too rough
then the car gets more and more damage and one day breaks

so does a mis-matching relationship
if either man is wrong or girl is wrong
then most of the energy is lost or wasted in all the difficulties of life instead of uplifting, inspiring and healing both more and more to create a basis of joyful experiences that brings the couple closer and closer the longer the relationship lasts ....

learn from your mistakes for your future
be ready to be fully true from the very beginning in any future encounter with a potential partner - always be true to your own heart, then you also are true to your partner.

never partner up for pity or with a lost one who needs you or a crying girl
partner with a strong one who loves you from the first moments and onward
a love you should be able to feel each day, each minute and each time you say "I love you"

missing a person proves that the one who misses was weak and depending on the other. true lovers BOTH need to be strong enough to live on their own, earn their living on their own and learn how to be happy on their own before being mature to partner up with another persons for life. a strong one never needs, never misses,
a strong one loves no matter what happens, no matter what happened in the past and no matter what the future brings. such true love between two strong lovers only can last eternally from heaven to hell and back to heaven - in good days and in challenging dark days as well.

unconditional love never cries, unconditional love IS - from the beginning and without limits !! all your wrong partner shows so far is ego game and nothing more.

when you part - then part in friendship but for good without seeing her for a long time. distance helps to heal and to get clear in mind and heart. after many months or years both are ready to start a new love relationship with the right one of the waiting period has been used to understand all made mistakes of all previous relationships and use those mistakes to grow stronger and clearer in the heart for future new relationship.

It's Christmas time - time to clear all past mistakes, time to part and restart a new life, time to clean up your heart and be ready for true love. The sooner you part - the sooner you will be free for a truly loving and happy making new relationship.

your new friend may disappear - she simply may have been a spiritual catalyst to get you OUT of a totally wrong relationship - to help you to be free again and to realize all made mistakes ...

Merry Christmas


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thank you and I love you cantruchd 1 Sat, Dec 16, 2006, 22:46:45
God Love True love either exists from the first seconds or is missing in most cases for decades or all lifetimelink hans 1 Sat, Dec 16, 2006, 23:46:34
I still need your guidance cantruchd 1 Sat, Jan 13, 2007, 22:03:20
God Love Feeling loved by a person is the result of harmony and maturity in both lovers - lack of harmony or maturity is a reason to part at any given timelink hans 0 Sat, Jan 13, 2007, 23:10

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