Loyalities of a wife

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Namaste Hansji,
Pranam. I have a question, after marriage does a wife's loyalty lie only with her husband. What about her parents, his parents and other family members . Why does it always have to be that she has to choose between the two? I love my husband very much. But I often face situations wherein I have to choose between him and my parents. It is true that at times my parents don't give him his due respect for which I stand up for him with them. But it leaves them feeling that my loyalties have totally changed. That I don't respect them anymore. I am feeling so stressed out right now , am always feeling pulled in both directions. Sometimes I feel to be happy with my husband, I should drop my parents, but it is difficult to do that. How can I just drop someone who gave me life and looked after me for so long. If I try to expalin their actions/behaviour to my husband, it seems like to him that I don't care and respect him and am supporting them all the time. Please help me to understand this situation better and deal with this in the best possible way. I just want us all to live together happily and lovingly.

Father, please help me. I feel like such a failure right now, I am unable to keep anyone happy.


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God Love When God and love is the first and only priority in life - then husband, wife and parents and children all are on same side helping each other hans 0 Wed, Dec 13, 2006, 03:41

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