God is best midwife - if mother cooperates in full and properly prepares for home delivery

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God is best midwife - if mother cooperates in full and properly prepares for home delivery

my last and youngest one I was midwife . the midwife" on duty was useless and helpless

the last home-delivery was the most beautiful one and all went perfectly fine for a home delivery - much smoother than any other delivery before.

God is best midwife - if mothers fully cooperate. cooperation of mothers consists of being active until last hours before delivery. learn from nature, learn fro animal delivery. the more active the easier delivery will be, the mote you try to "protect" yourself or to reduce activities and to treat a pregnancy like an illness - the harder labor is getting.


love life and work life is as usual until last hours
listen always to your body and listen to the limits your body shows you and stay within your limits.

proper preparation also includes gymnastic or other recreation suitable to maintain flexibility and mobility of Ĺ·our pregnant body. to be pregnant is NORMAL - hence normal life continues !!!

Kriya Yoga and babies

there is absolutely NO reason to refrain from Kriya Yoga practice while having babies or while being pregnant. the benefits of Kriya Yoga is tremendous for babies, fathers and mothers alike.

time - to have or to waste or to manage
that is the key question

you have all time even with a dozen babies
actually the more babies you have the more time you will have again
that's why God has so many children!

the key however is time management for mothers

  1. Housework never is done when babies sleep - babies should always be part of your daily work and life
  2. when babies sleep then you enjoy love life, take a rest and sleep yourself or practice Kriya Yoga - babies sleep a lot ! hence loots of time for love with husband and for God
  3. shopping, going out, visiting friends - always should be done WITH babies - babies need to learn, babies want to share YOUR life, that's why they come TO YOU
  4. you may practice meditation or Kriya Yoga while baby sleeps - first however you always share some time WITH baby - hugging baby or holding baby in your arms - babies LOVE to sleep extended periods of time IN the arms of father or mother
  5. always share your babies with the father - a father has a divine right to also hug and hold babies for as long as he loves - latest when next breastfeeding session is due - mother is on duty for a love session again
  6. it's a privilege and pleasure to have babies as guests - angel like babies are a source of such fine love that we all should learn to enjoy babies rather than to look at babies as a burden or work.
  7. the ore freedom you give to all children - the more freedom you will regain yourself - learn from God - how often does God say "STOP" or "NO" to any of us ?? never - God shows howto do something and lets us explore ALL world on our own
  8. thru all my children I have never lost a single seconds of my own life or privacy - but I have gained millions of most precious moments of love.

IN my Photo gallery of the Philippine islands you will see the album Happy children - natural beauty - most of these children are home deliveries - made at home and delivered at home and all the happy children shown are happy because the only supervisor they enjoy is God in their daily life and adventure in jungle, ocean and life. the most dangerous part of life for most children still might be their own parents unless children have parents who really share all with their children.

parents are children's first choice of teacher - teacher for all aspects of life, love, family, academic and professional life alike. children learn much faster than allowed to learn. let all your children be free, let them share all your activities and you always will have plenty of time to do what you really need to do.


later when children are just a few years older - they start to take care of each other and you may create a corner, a chair that is entirely dedicated to your spiritual practice and Kriya Yoga sessions and you will in clear adult words explain why you practice Kriya Yoga and that you love to have some quiet time when doing it.

you children will understand and let you practice Kriya Yoga because kids love a loving mother and loving father above all and that will be the result of more and more Kriya Yoga practice and thus more divine love flowing FROM YOU toward all your family.

never use Kriya Yoga as an excuse to get time off - use it for its true purpose only.

and a final point of reminder

the first days or weeks you may have "too much" milk for one baby - but God never produces too much - it's just that some forget to share their abundance with those in need. Breastmilk is liquid love
older children may want to share again some of your milk - offer your milk / breast again to the older one and above all fathers love to drink milk as well from their lover. its delicious AND healing ! sharing milk in early weeks prevents hard and overfilled painful breasts and enhances love-life and peace within family and among all family members. sharing milk with all also dissolves any jealousy that might sometimes arise when newborns get more attention than all the rest of family.

all need to be loved in full all times - hence share all with all - share babies with all and all your work and love with all - babies are NO work - in reality babies are pure pleasure for all allowed to hold or keep them for a while.

at least in healthy societies this is how people feel about babies - for example here in the Philippine islands others love to "borrow" a baby from best friends for hours - they call it "instant baby" - because here all love and enjoy babies as what they are - angels of love.

love and bliss


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