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Forum for love relationship counseling and marriage counseling - heal your partnership and marriage - counseling for sexuality and spirituality in relationships and marriage

Marriage and relationships are one of the most fragile structures in creation and human society - yet one of the most desirable and most valuable aspects of eternal life.

To fully and in every detail understand what is needed to establish a love relationship or happy marriage and how to maintain or even deepen the love link between the two partners involved as well as all family members and society involved in any happy marriage or relationship is vital.

To help you in learning and applying such divine secrets of love and relationships is the purpose of this forum

To give you a true understanding of how to prepare, maintain and improve love relationship and marriage is one of the key purpose of the entire web site of the Cyberspace Ashram. Humans outside a true loving relationship often substitute true love with material belongings and material activities or money making career. Such substitutes however remain what they are - substitutes for a true source of love. Substitutes may work for weeks or months, never for years, decades or an entire earthly life time - a complete incarnation.

Love-substitutes are similar to many pain killers - the more often you use them - them more your body adjusts and the more substitutes you need to achieve a certain desired or acceptable level of partial happiness or satisfaction. Like so many other addictions of human life on earth - there is always a true and lasting cure - true love in a truly loving relationship. Of course such true love involves divine and regular sexuality practiced from the bottom of your heart and divine soul and it also involves God as the creature of your partner and all creation on earth and beyond as well as God as the source of all love flowing from God through you and through your beloved partner and all family and neighborhood, relatives and friends.

True love has never and never will have a true fully valid substitute. True love is divine and unique and hence to learn true love, to learn the priorities within a divine relationship and eternal marriage with your unique God given partner is one of the single most important lessons to learn by all humans in all creation. True love among lovers - between 2 partners and its entire surrounding dissolves and prevents any kind of stress - as emotional, mental, physical or spiritual stress only is caused by separation from the loved ones - either by stopping to give love or by stopping to absorb the love offered.

May this new forum benefit as many as possible - for a greater peace on earth and among all creatures and within all infinite creation - with love and bliss from God.

A thorough study of all chapters of the section "On your wings of Love - on your way to God" as well as the many questions and answers from the Cyberspace Ashram spiritual FAQ forum, the spiritual newsletters and spiritual microletters containing many lessons of love, help and love tests to gain feedback of your love or your partners love will help you substantially to succeed on your path of love with your partner and family.

Be welcome to post remaining open questions and persisting problems to further enhance your love life and loving relationship and deepen or heal your marriage. Share your own experience about how you solved or healed existing previous marriage or relationship problems with others - help to establish love among all - with your love and loving experiences.

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