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I have read most of the website and remember reading that "God makes a very good midwife". I am having a baby soon and plan on calling on God's midwifery services. I know from the experiences of others who have unassisted childbirth that the intuition becomes very clear and accurate when they choose this path.

Earlier in the pregnancy I thought that I would have started doing Kriya Yoga by now. I have found the instructions. I am hesitating to start because I know that I am about to enter a time where I have little to no time to myself. This will be my second child. I'm pretty certain that it will be hard enough to keep my physical, mental and emotional selves happy, and don't want to set myself up for disappointment by adding another daily task (a kriya yoga practice) to my list.

Does anyone have any insights to offer? Is it better to leap in and practice intermittently, or wait until I can "do it right"?

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God Love God is best midwife - if mother cooperates in full and properly prepares for home deliverylink hans 0 Mon, Nov 13, 2006, 08:40

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