Life starts to be real and fun beyond age 50 - all before is but preparation for real life

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Life starts to be real and fun beyond age 50 - all before is but preparation for real life

Stop to attract women and start to enjoy life and the right one will meet you at the right time. Girls are funny at times, the more you court them the less likely they ever are going to say yes. the more you enjoy life without them the more likely they come to you and want to share your joy of life ... Have fun and the right one wants to be YOUR source of fun but first she wants to see that you know HOW to have fun and that you can enjoy real fun - then she may surrender to you and become your source of joy and fun in life.

you stopped dating girls in young years - young girls are most difficult, such is nature of young beauty hence the result of accumulating errors and "pain" or disappointment often leads to resignation and as in your case in stopping to date girls.

Life on earth is a school house - nothing different but real learning process all life long. the older we get the more direct we learn to love and to more successful in loving we get.

you are actually quite lucky with your 49 years of age because soon you get 50 and soon real life starts for you as well. contrary to global thinking a man or a woman never is too old to perform, perform any kind of high tech work or sports or love.


the older you get the less mistakes you love to do
the less you allow your ego if any left - to destroy the few remaining years or decades of fun in life.

young men without any exceptions are far too inexperienced to handle a wife of any age
girls are demanding - strength - and only a long process of learning and working can give a man that strength needed to make a girl feel comfortable to allow her to FALL in love.

Hence your time is near and it is time for you to continue to prepare for relationship and love


  1. become MORE adventurer
  2. a little wild - drop conservative thinking and acting and be natural
  3. enjoy or enroll in some outdoor adventures and activities like surfing, windsurfing or any kind of real fun action
  4. drop tie and coat and any formal dress and be yourself and at ease all times be natural inside and outside

  • enjoy sun and water-sports
  • be active in life and enjoy music and social activities meeting others
  • travel if you can afford to broaden your perception and mind - to see all a little more flexible and less dramatic in life - to learn to enjoy life in different and more direct ways.

invest some of your time, resources and income to have a vacation far away at a place you always dreamed of ... anywhere in this world. do things that only existed in your wildest dreams - but to it real and enjoy such fulfilments of your hidden or suppressed dreams.

girls want to join a happy husband - it never is the girl to initially make the husband happy, but it is YOU to make sure you know HOW to be happy even as a single. A happy man is attractive - a whining man rejecting.

the older you get - the more demanding you have to be when selecting a partner.
your topic should be:

ALL or nothing at all - never allow a girl to join you in life if she is ready to give less than all at once.

be ready to give all at once as well from your side. life is far too beautiful to be left out to others to enjoy. NOW is the time to learn and start to enjoy real life and to get ready for a really sweet and romantic relationship - may be with many cute little babies as well. the right one always says "YES honey" the wrong one always has an argument against or a need for time to think about before saying yes.

chose the ones who KNOW what they want from the very first seconds. think about what I have published in the secrets of love section of my blog. these are most serious criteria that help you to prevent later divorce and also help to you stop wasting days or weeks with wrong ones. it's about real love - hence - ALL or nothing. better all love than all later distress and troubles with a wrong one!!!

Enjoy life - enjoy love

NOW today is just the right and very best day to start and practice love

Love and bliss


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