Involuntary Celibacy

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I have studied the online ashram teachings about sexuality on the way to GOD,and how mandatory celibacy can actually be harmful to spiritual growth.These teachings are correct. Always intuitively knew that sexuality that is not abused; but loving is not a sin.

However; this problem is somewhat embarrassing. I am a 49 year old single never married physically fit, healthy,OK looking male who has been celibate since the the age of 30. This is not due to religious dogma or lack of effort in trying to meet a special lady.

What does a man do when he has difficulty attracting women? Canadian women seem to be hung up on finding sexy, handsome or good looking men. I honestly believe most women have written me off for not meeting their standards; - not hot enough in the looks department. This got to the point where I finally burnt out with women and stopped dating at the age of 33.

Do you any suggestions on how I can embrace lifelong celibacy since there is no female partner for me?



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God Love Life starts to be real and fun beyond age 50 - all before is but preparation for real lifelink hans 0 Fri, Sep 15, 2006, 15:47

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