BREASTFEEDING, healthy, practical, easy and cheap ... a medicine - problems, tips and solutions

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BREASTFEEDING, healthy, practical, easy and cheap ... a medicine - problems, tips and solutions

Our little angel Ronja is almost 3 years now and to the big surprise and joy of many people here in Germany, I am still breastfeeding her. Of course she is eating normal food also, however, just a little.

In the very beginning breastfeeding was difficult. Ronja came on earth k.o. with a newborn infection and had to stay in the hospital for 10 days. She and me both had to take antibiotic and in the beginning het was not clear, if due to the medicines Ronja was allowed to drink my milk. There was no place for me to stay overnight. So she got bottled cowmilk in the first few days and if babies have got used to to a bottle, it is difficult for them to get back to breastfeeding, as they have to work much more to get it out of the breast as to get it out of the bottle. In the hospital they advised me to put a plastic
nipple (Stillhütchen) on my breast. However she didn't want to accept that either. Than we got the idea to take the rubber part of the bottle and put that on the breast. It worked! But that couldn't be a solution for ever ... After several weeks Ronja still made a big fuss, when we were trying to get her used to the breast nipple itself. One day we decided to just cut kaput all the rubber nipples. We had a very serious talk with her and explained her, that there were no rubber nipples anymore and that if she was thirsty of hungry, she had to take the milk just from the pure mother breast. No rubber or plastic anymore! From then on, it was no problem anymore ...

Due to the breastfeeding, Ronja is a very healthy girl. While most her friends are running around with a sneezing nose and several bad colds in autumn and in the winter time, Ronja stays mostly free of that. A lot of people spoke to me about her happiness and balance. The breast has 2 chakra's where spiritual love and healing is flowing through. More about this you will find in Hans' capital: Cow milk, mother milk, breast milk and breast cancer

We find it very practical, as we always have some right temperatured food and drink "on board", and it is for free ... In German breastfeeding is called "Stillen" and the children are really getting still, when they getting the breast when they are upset, hurt, in pain, bored, sad or craving for love and attention. I can take Ronja on workshops with meditations. During the group meditation she is having breastfeeding and is on cloud 7 !

Her teeth are causing no problem! I have done an Internet research on breastfeeding and found that the average time all over the world lies between 3 and 7 years ... So I am still in the beginning ...
I was wondering if breastmilk would be bad for the baby's teethes and I read that when the baby is sucking, the milk is landing in the very back of the mouth, behind the teethes, so it is not touching them. They also claimed that the little milksugar is not too harmful either.

Mothermilk is a good medicine for all kind of infections, wounds, rough skin, other skin problems, stuffed nose, infected eyes and thousands of other complaints!

My midwife recommand me before the birth to put cooked tea bags or red wine on the nipples to make them tough. With red wine they became very dry, but you can try yourself, what is the best for you. It is also good to rub them carefully with a washcloth.

When Ronja was still small I was very carefull with what I was eating or drinking to avoid belly ache. We just had to try out what was okay for her. When she was getting older I tried more and more, like onions, garlic, spicy food, very seldom a glass of wine or a beer and it was no problem at all! But I noticed that when I drink coffee she is pushed up as well as I am! So I mostly still drink my "Caro Coffee".

It is interesting, that sometimes, though very, very seldom she wants to drink only from one side ... The other side doesn't taste or the energy isn't nice enough ...

I can cordially recommend breastfeeding to everybody! Whenever it is possible! Don't give up too fast in the beginning when it is hurting (your teaties will get used to it), if you have a breast infection or other complications. For healing a milk congestion (Milchstau) you can put cabbage leaves or quark on the breast. For infected nipples you can apply honey. The problem is that honey is not good for babies as they cannot digest it yet, so before the next session you have to quickly, but very carefully wash it off. And mostly there is no time for that. That's why for me the better solution was "Johanniskraut Rotöl = St. John's wort red oil". It even helps the baby relax. There are also good ointments to buy. Your husband can help by drinking the mother milk directly from the breast. It is a good medicine for him also and a great healing from past experiences, especially if he wasn't that lucky to get breastfeeded ...!

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