feeling horny, sexual frustration, and kriya yoga

Posted by: God Love
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at 03/27/2006, 06:16:13

Last night, I saw a female friend I frequently run into; she was at the apartment of a male friend I went to visit. But last night, during the first five or so minutes of my being there, I experienced a 15 second or so period of intense horniness for her. It happened during 'small talk' while looking each other mostly in the eyes. I started to get an erection, but curtailed it. Both continued to behave seemingly 'normally', pretending nothing had happened. I had an impulse to say something about it immediately, but I suppressed it. During the rest of the 'hanging out' I felt somehow 'off', like some kind of unpleasant blockage all over. I left and sort of forgot about the event and went to sleep. In the morning, I woke up to do kriya pranayama practice. This friend kept 'coming up' during my practice, the horniness as well. At one point, it became very intense, and I felt a rush of sensations throughout my body like I was having sex and almost to the point of orgasm (all without any sort of auto-manipulation). By the end of my last kriya it had subsided and later I fell asleep and then woke up feeling 'normal', without the frustration, at least in the forefront. I know based on love tests I would not want to enter a relationship with her, but also what I did was stop the flow of love, out of 'chastity' maybe, but also somewhat out of fear as well. The experience was also another demonstration of the power of kriya pranayama to excite and dissolve stored energies.

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God Love In a situation of emotional distress a man or girl is open to almost any available source of love - even another wrong partnerlink hans 0 Wed, Mar 29, 2006, 16:41

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