When a relationship ends, take time for healing and growth

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Corey registered
at 02/05/2006, 09:13:56

Dear friends,
below is an eMail conversation I just had with hans.

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 18:33 -0800, Corey Schmidt wrote:
> Dear hans,
> several months ago, I met a woman whose presence made me feel very good.
> we have been communicating and it seems desire may be snowballing on both sides, and we may even have a chance to meet.
> but I feel it may be too soon, and it seems inauspicious.
> The wheels seem to be in motion.
> do you advise I continue in this?
> Thank you
> Love,
> Corey

Dear Corey

after several years of learning to work when all your life is in solid hands of your own
you will be ready to warrant the safety and strength for an instant, full and true love relationship
remember the many love tests
means instant FULL love = possible instant pregnancy = requiring TRUE strong and FREE lovers on both side
you just left Kim
may be you even have still some divorce matters pending
jumping from one bed to another certainly and absolutely is WRONG under all circumstances

as a general rule after any break up or divorce there should first be many months of single life to fully clean up ALL past and to learn from ANY past mistakes by growing stronger than ever before

first of all you need a REAL job to earn a solid life - eternal life - hence take your time while single, find a master, learn, find another master = learn MORE, find jobs to learn MUCH more and gain experience
travel while working whenever such opportunities are offered

when you have a HOME for an entire family - ready, cozy and nice
a solid regular income and a secured job - secured by true professional qualifications
then you are ready to instantly ( instantly means seconds !!! ) fall in love FREE of any limits, free of any birth control or similar love-preventions
if YOU have earned on your very own such stable home and financial security to offer your own instnat children a better school education than yours was,
then you are ready to start or think about a new romance and relationship

feel free to post such questions in forum
thousands are in very similar situations THIS very day and would want to share and learn from such questions/replies



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God Love To have a home never means to buy a home - our true home is in God, here on earth we may very well just rent a home on monthly or yearly basis hans 0 Thu, Feb 16, 2006, 01:46

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