Sex and Kriya yoga

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at 10/20/2005, 23:21:38

Sex and Kriya yoga

How sex helps my kriya yoga practice

My husband is a strong lover- he's been practicing kriya yoga since more then 5 years.
He is FULL of love- true, healing, uplifting, gentle LOVE!

he hugs me and I forget every thing- sweet feeling runs from my feet
along all my body and head- all my inside feels like full of "pink cotton candy"!

Then an excitement arises with the inner need of more love and
physical oneness-
we are one body- barely moving- absorbing each other and enjoying

then the move comes from within- both light bodies in a cosmic
sexual dance leading to the complete oneness of simultaneous orgasm

Later my body fully relaxed feeling only the happy dance of all chakras in the tune of love and satisfaction

in such condition KRIYA YOGA is continuous joy-

Love flows and extends the joy and happiness for hours

lights play in my light body- purple, pink, gold or
sparkles of pure white

cosmic crickets sing in my ears their joyful song

and one thought only in my head:

"I want to be one with GOD- the source of all LOVE"

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