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Marriage and relationships are one of the most fragile structures in creation and human society - yet one of the most desirable and most valuable aspects of eternal life.

To fully and in every detail understand what is needed to establish a love relationship or happy marriage and how to maintain or even deepen the love link between the two partners involved as well as all family members and society involved in any happy marriage or relationship is vital.

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General discussions
need help..
God is Love A girl is made to be loved and never made to hold a man together or away from drugs!
God is Love am I really so wrong?
God is Love jealousy
please help me understand my spouse!!!
God is Love Sexual frustration as a result of missing true LOVE is the result of partners quarreling over nothing at all
To do the right thing.
God is Love A relationship only can work if both fully cooperate to make it work
God is Love kriya practice and wine
God is Love Kriya practice and wine is same as husband and vibrator
God is Love glass of wine love test
God is Love Alcohol only is needed by those too blocked for true direct love
Overcoming my laziness
God is Love Husband wife drifting apart - when one of both stop spiritual progress / practice, then all husband wife start to drift apart
God is Love Can souls die?
God is Love YES a person can be 100% evil and totally separated from God
death of souls
God is Love A loving mother with many children - a mother with many loving children and one destructive child ...
the answer to evil
God is Love Strive to understand others - why others do what they do - it helps to love them when knowing the reason for their actions
God is Love the why of evil
God is Love Having a soul "dissolved in love" out of existence
God is Love To have a soul dissolved - out of existence - is totally OUT of a mortal humans' authority and potential
God is Love Initiation
God is Love You achieve the goal you learn and work to achieve
God is Love I feel what is right and what is wrong, I don't need no words.
God is Love When you know it all ..
Even if so
God is Love Guidance needed is already published
please don't give up
Hello Bridget & Gopu
I am sure you can handle electricity...
God is Love Thank you & Goodbye
God is Love Sometime the contradictions may lead you to a higher truth !!!
What is a topic?
God is Love Jobs are like women - first you get the wrong ones to appreciate the right one later one when you are ready
God is Love Lovely Story
God is Love Time off never is intended to be used to refill energy - time off is to have fun after work
God is Love Third time's a charm
God is Love No need for diploma to be successful in life but need to prove qualifications and need for willpower to really work and really succeed in all you start
God is Love Thank you for your suggestion
God is Love Professional qualifications are the key to success - strength in life is the key to acquire qualifications
God is Love Oh man
Spirituality and Sexuality
Involuntary Celibacy
God is Love Life starts to be real and fun beyond age 50 - all before is but preparation for real life
God is Love Neuanfang mit Schwächen
God is Love Solange man zusammen ist in einer Wohnung besteht immer Hoffnung auf Heilung der Beziehung
eros and agape
God is Love Far insufficient information given to give any qualified reply
Parting from a wrong partner, I need your guidance
God is Love To lie is to betray - to pretend to love is to betray self and partner
thank you and I love you
God is Love True love either exists from the first seconds or is missing in most cases for decades or all lifetime
I still need your guidance
God is Love Feeling loved by a person is the result of harmony and maturity in both lovers - lack of harmony or maturity is a reason to part at any given time
A question on sharing the content of the website
God is Love The CD *Spiritual Treasures* I offer is complete and free to be copied and shared with friends
Loyalties of a wife
God is Love When God and love is the first and only priority in life - then husband, wife and parents and children all are on same side helping each other
God is Love God is best midwife - if mother cooperates in full and properly prepares for home delivery
God is Love Re: meine Ehe
God is Love Ehearbeit
Wo der Wille zur Heilung der Partnerschaft/Ehe noch da muss schnell gehandelt werden
God is Love Das JA zur Liebe - der beginnende Fall des Egos
Nachdem ich erfahren hatte dass Jana sich ebenfalls Hans anvertraut hat...
God is Love Glück
standing still and waiting for my ex to love me again..
God is Love feeling horny, sexual frustration, and kriya yoga
God is Love i need your help please
Love and romance
God is Love latin lover girl
God is Love Latin lover girl werden auf den Philippinen - ein schlummernder Vulkan wacht auf
God is Love this time!
God is Love Herz entgiften in Sekunden - vor aller Welt verneigen, um Vergebung bitten und vergeben
God is Love demut tut gut
relationship problem, any advice appreciated...please take a look and long read
just do it
God is Love A man is like a tree - a man first needs to grow big and strong to supply and provide before being ready to fall for
God is Love Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get ;)
Marriage and relationship
God is Love My role in my partner's divorce?
God is Love Relationship help.
God is Love The pain of separation
God is Love Vasectomy
God is Love a baby is coming!
Advice and shared experiences
God is Love Zweifel über die richtige Berufsentscheidung
Love and romance
God is Love Completely Lost in Space!
When a relationship ends, take time for healing and growth
Could someone help me please?
Tips for husbands
Help in marriage
God is Love Welcome to the Forum for love relationship counseling and marriage counseling - heal your partnership and marriage - counseling for sexuality and spirituality in relationships ...
Spirituality and Sexuality
God is Love i need your help please
God is Love Sex and Kriya yoga
Kriya yoga and sex
God is Love Erectile dysfunction
i don't know HOW to do it
Maha Samadhi - how a wrong sense of responsibility and the fear resulting out of it bar you from doing Maha Samadhi
Death and agony - dissolving fear of death with love
Being in the body - how spiritual development effects physical consciousness
Daily routine of a spiritual retreat in the Philippines
Being father - Reconciliation with your parents and the thought of being a father yourself
God is Love Lebensziel - Lebensaufgabe - Lebensplan - Familie. Was ist mein Lebensziel, wie erreiche ich mein Lebensziel mit meiner Familie
God is Love Mein Lebensinhalt - meine Familie - mein Lebensziel MIT meinem Mann
God is Love Sweets and Love - the relationship between my hunger for sweets and my hunger for sweet love. The more sweets I eat the more sweet love I need. Sweets = substitute for sweet love.
Marriage and relationship
Mute love test - one day of silence with love beyond words
God is Love Young people - afraid to love - but could start NOW
"when meeting the right one... both need to have sufficient experience in love..."
Need your guidance to start a new spiritual life
Gurudeva's helping words
God is Love How to avoid a broken heart - true love prevents a broken heart - Love never can be too deep - most people have too shallow love, possessive love resulting in broken heart
God is Love Broken Heart
God is Love Ich liebe eine andere Frau - was mach ich wenn ich eine andere Frau liebe und wie löse ich das ganze in Liebe auf
God is Love Marriage healing - how to heal a marriage - if both partner want to heal a marriage - then marriage healing is possible and easy - learn how to heal your marriage step by step
antidepressiva oder liebe
God is Love Liebeserklärung an meine Göttergattin - Liebeserklärung an meine Geliebte - Versöhnung mit meiner Mutter
God is Love Liebeserklärungen an meinen Göttergatten - Liebeserklärungen an meinen Geliebten
How the willingness of giving to others affect the loveflow within the partnership and how wrong focus can destroy any flow
Advice and shared experiences
God is Love recognize the Divine Presence inside your partner
God is Love Solve problems without saying a word
God is Love I Am That I Am Agreement
Love and romance
Could someone help me please?
Let`s Talk About Love
God is Love My Commitment To Love
God is Love Die schönste Liebeserklärung ist ... wenn Mann und Frau sich wirklich lieben - sich voll jede Liebeserklärung gleich durch Liebe bezeugen - im Herzen des Liebenden
God is Love To have someone
God is Love love
Tips for parents
God is Love BREASTFEEDING, healthy, practical, easy and cheap ... a medicine - problems, tips and solutions
God is Love Osanit - das vielseitige homöopatische Wundermittel beim Zahnen und Bauchschmerzen + Büchertip 'Homöopathie für Kinder'
God is Love A simple Tip to wash the children's hair without tears

God is lOVE

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