God's family

Marriage - soul mate - adultery - divorce - divine sexuality - children - parenting - family business

Before you can have a happy family life, you may need to understand what keeps a family together, what causes happiness in others and what is needed to be good loving parents and what separates a partnership. The risk of adultery and divorce is apparent and existing for all ego-humans on earth - particularly in situations of limited love between two partners. Love needs to flow and needs to be proved before and during marriage - again and again !

Learn the true basics of a happy family life

If one or both are lacking any true inner and outer orientation to God - then they lack a common protection and guidance to prevent marital accidents or adultery. Both partners need to be free and be strong before entering a partnership and marriage. To prevent marriage- and family-accidents, we need to learn why they occur and what we can do to improve our love relationship day by day toward our family members.

Do you need God in your marriage ?

it is God's guidance and teaching that helps all truly loving partners to stay together, to improve eternally their relationship and to allow more and more love to flow and create an ever growing happiness within all of them - children and parents alike.

In any problem-situation there is always help


God father and son are guarding all divine family from eternity to eternity. God is the father at home and Jesus the shepherd to bring all home.

Your spiritual progress is the best assurance of your happiness


Made to the image of God - Absorbing and applying theTeaching of Love to love all eternally.

Loving father

2 hearts

The father is the source of wisdom and strength - giving hold to his divine Angel wife, all children, all family and neighborhood.

Loving mother

2 hearts

The mother is the source of sweetness and beauty, being a magic Angel of Love for all family to make life enjoyable and happy.

Divorce as a solution to give freedom for a new Love

When a NO replaces the YES and instantly kills all love - then it's time for a family vacation and family therapy to learn to enjoy love life and adventure of life again or to give freedom and divorce in love.

Divine sexuality

family of  hearts

Divine sexuality is flowing love absorbed in full by both partners and such divine God created sexuality can create solutions of Love for all in all and every situation of eternal life !

Children are flowers in God's garden and heart

roses of love

As God's children we shall learn to act and love like God's family again

A mutual goal in life = family business

Means loving All - become a source of love for all. Joint love venture for all family - living together loving all and God's love as the center of our eternal existence.

God's commandment of love is valid for all family

star God - God father -  there is but one God above all and for all

Love all - Love one another - eternally !

When you say YES to Love - then you say YES to God - by affirming the principle of true Love and applying the teachings of Love - you affirm God and God's Love will be flowing through you.

Love Prayer - The most powerful Love is God's Love
for a reunion of all family !

heart of love

When you fully connect to God - then you are the sweet and powerful source for your partner ...

connect to God and each other to enjoy love-relationshipship

Made to the image of God !

All-loving - loving all

Healing with your Love

Creating solutions of Love - for all

Being a very unique source of magic love for your partner and all family.

Reasons for adultery

Is the denial to love or rejection of love - learn to say YES to your partner's needs makes him happy and adultery obsolete. Adultery is but a substitute for your missing love as result of your denial to love FULLY. Prove true Love by fulfilling all your partner's dreams before they even occur

Self-improvement requires self-assessment

A precise self-assessment based on accurate feedback and love-tests to show you where your fears and ego hurts or blocks most is important for a happy partnership. Both partners should do all the healing before entering a relationship. Every relationship should start with a healed heart, soul and mind - ready to progress, willing to love. How is your relationship to dogs and cats, do you love to take a sun-bath or swim in deep water. Can you easily look into other people's eyes and say "I love you" and accept all gifts of love from all others ? Open for God - take time for self assessment and start with self improvement by dropping all causes against all others. Get in peace with your parents first, then with all other friends and enemies, with all cultures, with wild nature and God. Start regular meditation, a deep love prayer to allow God to heal your heart. When you are open for God, then you proof that you yourself can accept God's infinite and absolute forgiveness and hence then you should be able to forgive all others as well. Having forgiven all - being in love with all. Proving all your love by sharing with poor and needy ones, by helping all those needing help around you will be proof that you are getting ready for a true and loving relationship. You know what a soulmate is and how to get the one and only God made for you. Then do it - most likely you will have to return to God to get your one and only love - Kriya Yoga will be the vehicle home to God and God's almighty love will be your fuel to achieve your Goal. Your heart needs to be open because God's sweet and almighty love needs to flow through your heart and soul into the heart of all others and your Future partner.

Joint adventure, fun and shared adventures brings God's family together

Every family needs a reunion on a regular basis. Happy time shared together - to have fun, enjoy family adventure - a vacation in nature or beach. To enjoy growing love and health in your family you really need to focus on love and God's family first and above all. Love and relationship - a sense and understanding of being one family - one for all all for one is the basis of all lasting happiness. Be family friendly rather than business oriented. Business needs to be - but in love and as a family - together in a family business. Joint family venture in all you do, joint responsibilities, joint fun and success in loving all, in making all happy, in helping poor and needy ones.

God is the stronghold of each marriage and family

God is love - so is Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God Jesus secret teachings

God is Love

Divine Love and Bliss